Explained what is the franchise tag in NFL, rules, values, meaning and 2023 players

Explained what is the franchise tag in NFL, rules, values, meaning and 2023 players

Have a look at the players to receive the franchise tag for the 2023 campaign along with its meaning, rules and values in NFL

The NFL has officially completed assigning franchise tags throughout the league, which was a key first step in the 2023 off-season signing season.

Explained what is the franchise tag in NFL, rules, values, meaning and 2023 players list

Non-exclusive franchise tag:

A team can use a franchise tag to fully guarantee a player’s salary for the upcoming season who was about to become an unrestricted free agency.

Depending on the tag that is applied, the player will receive a certain amount of money. It’s most common to use this tag. Usually, when most people use the term, they are referring to the non-exclusive franchise tag.

A player will receive a one-year tender offer for a price that cannot be less than the average of the top five salaries for the position over the previous five years, or 120 per cent of the player’s past earnings, whichever is higher.


The player can negotiate with other teams. The player’s current team has the choice of accepting any offer made to them or providing their new team with two first-round picks in exchange.

Exclusive franchise tag:

A player must get a one-year tender offer for a price that is at least equivalent to the average of the top five wages at their position for the current year, or 120 percent of their previous pay, whichever is higher.

Transition tag:

Consider this to be the “you are quite good, and we might want to keep you” but aren’t willing to put a ring on you ourselves” tag.


Instead of going to the top five, a player with the transition designation will receive a one-year tender offer for an amount equal to the average of the top 10 wages at the position.

The player’s original club is given the first opportunity to match any offer the player could receive from another party, but if they choose not to, they will not receive any compensation.


The player will receive a very high wage for the upcoming season, but just for that one season and no longer. Tags are often seen as a form of compromise.

Which NFL teams have handed out franchise tags this year?

AFC North

  • Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jackson, Quarterback
  • Cincinnati Bengals – No tag placed
  • Cleveland Browns – No tag placed
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – No tag placed

AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts – No tag placed
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Evan Engram, Tight End
  • Houston Texans – No tag placed
  • Tennessee Titans – No tag placed

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills – No tag placed
  • Miami Dolphins – No tag placed
  • New York Jets – No tag placed
  • New England Patriots – No tag placed

 AFC West

  • Denver Broncos – No tag placed
  • Los Angeles Chargers – No tag placed
  • Kansas City Chiefs – No tag placed
  • Las Vegas Raiders – Josh Jacobs, Running Back

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears – No tag placed
  • Detroit Lions – No tag placed
  • Green Bay Packers – No tag placed
  • Minnesota Vikings – No tag placed

NFC South

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – No tag placed
  • Atlanta Falcons – No tag placed
  • Carolina Panthers – No tag placed
  • New Orleans Saints – No tag placed

 NFC East

  • Washington Commanders – Daron Payne, Defensive Tackle
  • Dallas Cowboys – Tony Pollard, Running Back
  • Philadelphia Eagles – No tag placed
  • New York Giants – Saquon Barkley, Running Back

NFC West

  • San Francisco 49ers – No tag placed
  • Arizona Cardinals – No tag placed
  • Los Angeles Rams – No tag placed
  • Seattle Seahawks – No tag placed