Explained how to create a new or renew league in Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Explained how to create a new or renew league in Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Making your own Fantasy Premier League league gives the game an extra element of rivalry and teamwork, know how to create or renew a FPL league

It gives you the opportunity to compete with loved ones, coworkers, or friends, adding to the thrill of the Premier League season. It’s a terrific opportunity to interact with others while putting your tactical understanding of football to the test.

How to create a new or renew league in Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Selecting your team is a must for setting up a league.

  1. Select the ‘League and Cups’ Tab.

After selecting your team, you can begin setting up your league. Look for the ‘Leagues & Cups’ tab on the FPL website, which can be found in the main navigation bar or beneath a menu icon. To see the section about leagues, click this tab.

  1. Tap Create & Join New Leagues & Cups

You can choose whether to launch a league or a cup in this area. Additionally, you can create head-to-head leagues or public leagues by scrolling down in addition to traditional leagues. Simply click Create & Join New Leagues & Cups to begin setting up your league if you wish to start one.

  1. Select the league category.

You’ll be asked to name your league, select whether it will be a private or public league, and select the type of league (traditional scoring or head-to-head). If the league is private, you will receive a code to give to the persons you want to invite to your league. When you’ve finished setting everything up, click “Create League” to start your league.

How to renew (restart) a league in FPL?

This quick guide will explain how to renew your Fantasy Premier League league prior to the start of a new season. In FPL, renewing a league has one significant benefit: Players that took part in the mini-league in a prior season are immediately included again.


You would need to send out new invitations to members if you created a new league. However, if you resume the league, your league code will change, therefore you’ll need to invite new players using a new code and auto-join link.

How is a Fantasy Premier League league renewed?

It is an extremely easy and simple approach.

  • Go to the Leagues & Cups
  • Select Renew Your League
  • Pick the league you wish to renew

Renewal through FPL App

  • Launch the app
  • Visit the Fantasy category.
  • Locate Leagues and Cups
  • Tap Configure leagues

You will now be taken to the game’s browser version, where you can renew your mini-league in the same manner as on a desktop.