Ex-Lovelyz member Lee Mi Joo is dating footballer Song Bum Keun

Ex-Lovelyz member Lee Mi Joo is dating footballer Song Bum Keun

Lee Mi Joo, who is widely known as a former member of girl group Lovelyz is making headlines as reports of her romantic relationship with football player Song Bum Keun, go viral on social media platforms

For the unfamiliar, Lee Mi Joo, is a former member of the girl group Lovelyz. She ventured into her solo career in 2023 after the group’s disbandment in 2021.

Meanwhile, Song Bum Keun, a renowned football player representing the J1 league team, has garnered significant popularity.

Ex-Lovelyz member Lee Mi Joo is dating football player Song Bum Keun

Social media is currently flooded with reports that suggest that Lee Mi Joo and Song Bum Keun are presently in a romantic relationship.

According to a report by a Korean media outlet that disclosed on April 18th Korean idol Lee Mi Joo and soccer player Song Bum Keun are romantically involved, with their relationship described as quite serious.

As per the report, the K-pop star recently traveled to Japan to visit the footballer, who is currently active in the J1 League. As of now, neither of their agencies has commented on their relationship.


About Lee Mi Joo

For the unversed, Lee Mi Joo, a K-pop idol, came into the limelight with her debut alongside the former girl group Lovelyz, which was crafted by Woolim Entertainment back in 2014, marking the agency’s first venture into girl group territory.

In their debut album “Girls’ Invasion,” released on November 17, 2014, Lee Mi Joo joined forces with fellow members Seo Ji Soo, Jung Yein, Kei, Ryu Su Jeong, Lee Su Jeong, JIN, and Yoo Ji Ae to capture the hearts of fans.


However, in 2021, Lovelyz disbanded under the banner of Woolim Entertainment, prompting its members to pursue individual paths. Lee Mi Joo seized this opportunity to embark on her solo journey, unveiling her single album “Movie Star” on May 17, 2023.

Beyond her musical endeavors, the versatile 29-year-old artist has graced the screens with cameo appearances in various dramas, including “The Gentleman of Woolgyeesu Tailor Shop” (2016), “Kokdu: Season of Deity” (2023), and “My Dearest Part 2” (2023).

Lee Mi Joo’s presence extends beyond dramas as she has also become a familiar face in the realm of variety shows, making memorable appearances on popular programs such as JTBC’s talk show “Witch Hunt 2023,” Mnet’s “Girls Night Out” (2023), “Insaadong Sulzi” (2024), Mnet’s reality dating show “Couple Palace” (2024), among many more.


About Song Bum Keun

The 26-year-old Song Bum Keun, is a seasoned soccer athlete, serving as the goalkeeper for Shonan Bellmare in the J1 League, as well as representing South Korea’s national football squad.

Recent rumors surrounding the couple’s potential relationship arose after Lee Mi Joo was sighted traveling to Yokohama, where Song Bum Keun presently competes with his J1 League team.

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