Endrick banned from having virtual girlfriend in GTA by Gabriely Miranda as per their relationship contract

Endrick banned from having virtual girlfriend in GTA by Gabriely Miranda as per their relationship contract

In an interesting turn of events, Endrick, the rising star of Real Madrid, has found himself in acurious predicament with his influencer partner Gabriely Miranda barring him from having a virtual girlfriend in GTA

His significant other has imposed a ban on his virtual romantic endeavors within the realm of Grand Theft Auto.

This decision stems from Endrick’s fondness for immersive role-playing within the game, where he assumes various character roles on virtual servers.

Endrick banned from having virtual girlfriend in GTA 5 by Gabriely Miranda as per their relationship contract

The unusual prohibition arose following inquiries directed at influencer and model Gabriely Miranda regarding the terms outlined in the relationship contract she entered with 17-year-old Brazilian footballer Endrick, set to join Real Madrid in the upcoming summer.

For the unfamiliar, Gabriely Miranda, a 21-year-old social media luminary hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has carved her niche as both a model and influencer.

With a staggering Instagram following surpassing 800,000, she’s cultivated a substantial presence through collaborations with renowned brands.

Her repertoire spans across various sectors including sports, jewelry, eyewear, and apparel, where she wields her influence to great effect.

Notably, she’s romantically linked with the rising football sensation, Endrick, set to join Real Madrid, further enhancing her visibility on the digital landscape.


When questioned about Endrick’s potential engagement in GTA RP and the possibility of maintaining a virtual relationship within the game, she firmly stated, “Never! Never. I would never accept it!”

GTA RP is recognized as a modified version of the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto Online, wherein players are encouraged to enact “real life” scenarios and cultivate virtual romantic relationships.

Among other real-life stipulations, the contract permits Endrick to socialize with his friends at clubs without her presence.


However, she remarked, “It hinges on the company of friends.”

While taking selfies with fans remains permissible, Endrick is prohibited from engaging in comments on other women’s photos on Instagram.

Fans Reaction

Football enthusiasts on social platforms cautioned Endrick, advising him to give Gabriely – boasting nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram – a red card following the revelation of the alleged “contract.”

One individual warned, “Endrick should make a swift exit while he can.” Another commented, “Given his wealth, he has endless options.” And another queried, “What sort of relationship necessitates a contract?”


The agreement is framed as a “voluntary emotional bond,” centered on “mutual respect, empathy, and fondness.” It explicitly prohibits addiction and “significant alterations in conduct.”

Endrick clarified earlier, stating, “Failure to adhere to this means, by the month’s end, providing the other person with their desires. For instance, I requested an Apple headset, and she fulfilled it.”

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