eFootball Master League DLC release date and download price

eFootball Master League DLC release date and download price

Ever since the official confirmation of the eFootball Master League, fans have been eager to find out about its release, check out the predicted release date, download price and other details below

Konami’s eFootball and its previous version Pro Evolution Soccer have always struggled due to fierce competition with the FIFA franchise.

eFootball Master League DLC release date and download cost

The reintroduction of the much-liked Master League into eFootball will surely enable Konami to have a stronger footing in competing with other games in the same genre.


For those who are unaware, eFootball is a rebranded and refined modern version of the famous Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. eFootball boasts of new generation consoles, with improved graphics and gameplay. Ever since the official confirmation of the Master League, fans have been going crazy with speculations over its release date.

Master League explained

The Master league is a game mode, which was hugely popular back in the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. It is like a Career Mode where players can play as the manager of a club.


The main aim of Master League game mode is to take a low ranked team and improve them to reach the highest league and position possible. Players can do this using player transfers, tactics and more. The good thing about this mode is that managers can also play as the team.

eFootball Master League predicted release date

The gaming community has been patiently waiting for a release date for Master League ever since it was announced to be released in 2023 as a DLC. However, Konami did not follow up with any reveals about a possible month.

Despite this, the fact that images and small bits of Master League are available online could mean that it will be available by the first half of the year. Currently, the predicted release date for the eFootball Master League is April 7, 2023.


Master League price

Much to the delight of fans, Konami have announced that players can download the new eFootball game for free. This means that players just need to download a large update for free to play the eFootball game.

However, the Master League mode comes with a price. Players who wish to play the Master League will need to pay a price in order to download the Master League DLC once it goes live. As of now, Konami haven’t finalized the price amount.


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