eFootball Championship 2023 Open and Pro entry requirements, date and live stream

eFootball Championship 2023 Open and Pro entry requirements, date and live stream

The eFootball Championship Open and Pro is back with the 2023 edition, which marks the 3rd season since its inception, find out all the details including start date, entry requirements, live stream and more

eFootball Championship season 3, also goes by the name Back to the Clubs, and will feature separate competitions for both casual players and professional e-sports players.

eFootball Championship 2023 Open and Pro entry requirements, date, live stream

The professional e-sports players are players who have signed contracts with professional European football clubs.

eFootball Championship 2023

Sports games are a very popular genre among gamers due to their competitive nature. Players have to constantly compete with each in sports games while trying to receive rewards or prizes.

The same thing goes for eFootball, where players compete with each other to earn bigger rewards, which will in turn help them to improve their Dream Teams. The game provides various modes, which enable players to build a squad of footballers from across the world.


eFootball 2023 Championship start date

The eFootball Championship Open 2023 is all set to begin on Monday 30th of January. The eFootball Championship Pro will also start around the same time, but for now, Konami hasn’t announced the official dates.

Entry requirements

The eFootball Open Championships basically has just one entry requirement. Anyone who wishes to play in the tournament can do so as long as they have a Dream Team. This has been done to allow maximum participation from users all over the world.


How to watch the eFootball Championship Pro 2023

Much to the delight of fans, the pro version of the eFootball Championship Pro 2023 will involve big e-sports players contracted to professional football clubs. As such, a lot of fans are eager to see them play and watch the action unfold live.

Just last year in the 2022 edition, over 12 million fans had tuned in to watch the competition live.

The good news for fans is that they can watch the entire eFootball Championship Pro 2023 tournament from YouTube. They just need to head to the site using a laptop or any mobile devices. The YouTube channel @play_efootball will provide with a live streaming of all the matches in the tournament. Moreover, fans can watch the tournament absolutely free of any costs.


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