eFootball 2023 v2.5.0 update release date and patch notes

eFootball 2023 v2.5.0 update release date and patch notes

Game developers Konami have confirmed the release month for eFootball 2023 update v2.5.0 along with other details of the new update including release date, new features, items, and more

Konami had trouble with eFootball during its initial release in 2022, due to huge bugs and insufficient updates.

eFootball 2023 v2.5.0 update release date and patch notes list

eFootball 2023 provides a fresh new take on the game and has allowed Konami to move away from the previous problems of having huge bugs. Konami have also starting providing more consistent updates with new features every time for the 2023 instalment.

eFootball update v2.5.0 release month confirmed

Much to the delight of eFootball 2023 players, Konami revealed the information about the release month for v2.5.0 update through a Twitter post.

Although the eFootball Twitter post did not reveal the specific date, it confirmed the month for the release of the v2.5.0 update. According to the post, the patch v2.5.0 update will release in the month of April 2023. It will come just a couple a couple of weeks following the v2.4.2 update, which will release on 23 March.

Konami stated in the tweet:


Please note that features introduced in the previous 2023 Spring Update Info post will be available in the v2.5.0 update scheduled for April. Information regarding the v2.5.0 update schedule will be communicated in due course.”

eFootball v2.5.0 update new features

Apart from the announcing the release month, Konami also gave some info on some of the new features. Given below are some of the confirmed new features for the 2.5.0 update:

Additional player slots in My Team

  • Currently, the player slots offer a quota of 500, but players can now gradually expand it upto a maximum of 900 using GP.

Add Player Skills to existing players

  • Players will receive 5 Additional Skills slot in My Team.
  • Each player can possess upto a maximum of 15 Player Skills. Players can use the newly introduced “Skill Training Programs” to add new Player Skills at random.

Additional items for player contract renewal and ways to obtain them


Players will receive Contract Renewal (10 Days)” on top of GP and training items when releasing 5★ PV players of the following Player Types:

  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Trending
  • Highlight
  • Featured

Players can also receive the “Contract Renewal (10 Days)” in Match Pass and as other rewards.

“Legacy Transfer”: Transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills from one player to another


Players will now be able to transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills from one player to another using “Legacy Transfer”. To transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills sue the following steps:

  • Select the player to be transferred from
  • Select “Legacy Transfer”
  • Choose a player that fulfills the required conditions to inherit those Experience Points and Additional Skills

Players should note that Legacy Transfer will require GP and the amount of GP depends on the player whose Experience Points and Additional Skills are being transferred from. Once the process is complete, the player that was used for Legacy Transfer will have it erased.

Moreover, once the Experience Points of the inheriting player gets maximised, the excess amount of Experience Points will not transfer.

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