EA Sports FC 24 TOTY release date, time, predictions, leaks and how to vote

EA Sports FC 24 TOTY release date, time, predictions, leaks and how to vote

We examine all the details regarding the voting process and nominees of the EA Sports FC 24 TOTY, which will release on 26th January along with the predictions and the release date

EA FC 24 TOTY squads are gearing up for their introduction in Ultimate Team, accompanied by the unveiling of TOTY Honorable Mentions. Since their debut in FIFA 22, TOTY Honorable Mentions have established themselves as top-tier player items, just below the coveted TOTY items. The EA FC 24 TOTY promotion kicks off this Friday in Ultimate Team, featuring both men’s and women’s TOTY squads in-game for the first time.

EA FC 24 TOTY release date, time, predictions, leaks, card design and how to vote

@WeaverFUT previously revealed three TOTY card concepts, and the anticipated official design for the EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions card featured a combination of blue and silver.

What is the significance of the EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions?

To determine the TOTY, EA Sports presented 147 TOTY nominees earlier this month via the EA FC 24 TOTY vote. Players had the opportunity to choose individuals they believe deserve a spot in the TOTY Ultimate XIs. Failing to secure a TOTY spot does not signify the end for a player, as EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions are poised to recognize those who narrowly missed the cut for the Ultimate XIs.


Anticipated to debut in Ultimate Team on Friday, January 26 at 6 PM GMT / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST, the EA FC 24 Honorable Mentions squad mirrors the TOTY Honorable Mentions releases in FIFA 23 and FIFA 22. In FIFA 23, the unveiling of 11 TOTY Honorable Mentions, along with the 12th man, coincided with the full TOTY release on the mentioned date.

Men’s TOTY 2023 Starting XI Predictions

GK: Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona) – 89 OVR -> 95 OVR:
RB: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) – 86 OVR -> 94 OVR
CB: Rúben Dias (Manchester City) – 89 OVR -> 96 OVR
CB: John Stones (Manchester City) – 85 OVR -> 95 OVR
LB: Theo Hernández (Milan) – 85 OVR -> 93 OVR
CDM: Rodri (Manchester City) – 89 OVR -> 97 OVR
CM: Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid) – 86 OVR -> 97 OVR
CAM: Martin Ødegaard (Arsenal) – 87 OVR -> 95 OVR
RW: Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) – 90 OVR -> 98 OVR
ST: Erling Haaland (Manchester City) – 91 OVR -> 99 OVR
LW: Kylian Mbappé (PSG) – 91 OVR -> 98 OVR
12th Man: Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nassr) 86 OVR -> 95 OVR


EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions recognize outstanding players from the 2023 season who came close to securing a spot in the TOTY squads. The squads are expected to feature formidable contenders from the exceptional performers in both the men’s and women’s games throughout the past year. By obtaining insights into the leaked TOTYs for men and women, we now have a preview of the players who did not make it into TOTY consideration.

we examine the probable EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions:
  • ST: Harry Kane (Bayern Munich)
  • CM: Federico Valverde (Real Madrid)
  • RB: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)
  • CM: Bernardo Silva (Manchester City)
  • CAM: Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich)
  • CB: Irene Paredes (Barcelona Women)
  • RW: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)
  • ST: Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nassr)
  • ST: Alexandra Popp (Wolfsburg Women)
  • GK: Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (Barcelona)
  • LW: Salma Paralluelo (Barcelona Women)

How to vote for the EA FC 24 TOTY?

In FIFA 23, an additional five TOTY Honorable Mentions were released as SBCs and Objectives, suggesting fans should have stayed vigilant for similar offerings when the EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions squad was unveiled. While there were no leaks for the EA FC 24 TOTY Honorable Mentions as of then, FIFAUTeam had disclosed the TOTY release schedule, indicating the squad’s release on Friday, January 26, with availability in UT Packs until Friday, February 2.


The voting period for EA FC 24 Team of the Year commenced on Monday, 8th January 2024, at 4 PM UK time. Participants had the opportunity to cast their votes on the EA FC 24 official website, selecting 11 players they deemed deserving of inclusion. Voting concluded on Monday, 15th January at 07:59 am GMT, requiring participants to ensure their participation before the deadline.


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