Dwight Howard injury history as back and knee injuries are mocked amidst threes*me claims

Dwight Howard injury history as back and knee injuries are mocked amidst threes*me claims

Recently, Dwight Howard has been the subject of controversy after a Georgian man filed s*xual assault charges against him, we examine the NBA career of the legendary player along with his injury history

Thanks to his consistent career in the NBA spanning across eighteen seasons, Dwight Howard achieved his status as one of the premier centers of his generation. Throughout his extensive NBA career, it’s important to acknowledge that Howard, like any athlete, faced various challenges, including injuries.

Dwight Howard entire injury history as back and knee injuries are mocked amidst threes*me and s*xual assault claims

Which teams did Dwight Howard play for?

Dwight Howard entered the league as a part of the 2004 NBA Draft and started his career with the Orlando Magic. Notably, he led the Magic to the NBA Finals, though they ultimately fell short against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. After spending eight seasons with the Magic, Howard embarked on a journey that took him through various teams, including the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Washington Wizards.


Howard, aged 37, achieved eight All-Star selections and was named the defensive player of the year three times. He emerged as one of the NBA’s most formidable centers during his extensive 18-year professional career. Over the course of his career, he maintained an impressive statistical record with averages of 15.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game, holding the distinction of leading the league in rebounding on five separate occasions.

Howard’s crowning achievement was winning an NBA championship in 2020 as part of the Los Angeles Lakers, alongside LeBron James. Following his stint with the Lakers during the 2021-22 season, Howard ventured abroad and inked a deal with the Taiwan-based Leopards. During his inaugural season with the squad, he was selected as a T1 All-Star thanks to his stellar play.


How many games Dwight Howard missed due to injury?

While Howard showcased remarkable athleticism and skills, injuries took their toll in the latter part of his career, impacting his consistent contributions to his teams. Dwight Howard participated in 1,242 out of a total of 1,456 NBA games, indicating that he missed approximately 214 games. It’s worth noting that his participation extended beyond regular-season games due to his numerous appearances in the NBA playoffs. Despite the appearance that Howard’s NBA career has concluded, he remains eager to stage a comeback and demonstrate that he still has a lot to offer.

Date Injury
12-Feb-22 Back
05-Feb-22 Back
18-Jan-22 Knee
16-Jan-22 Knee
14-Jan-22 Knee
14-Dec-21 Health and safety protocols
05-Nov-21 Neck
31-Oct-21 Neck
14-Apr-21 Knee
09-Aug-20 Right Knee
07-Aug-20 Right knee
05-Aug-20 Knee
10-Mar-20 Illness
19-Nov-18 Back
01-Oct-18 Gluteal Soreness
22-Dec-17 Dislocated finger

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