Draymond Green Punched Jordan Poole During GSW Practice, Fight Video Yet To Be Released

Draymond Green Punched Jordan Poole During GSW Practice, Fight Video Yet To Be Released

The Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green reportedly punched teammate Jordan Poole, and the franchise will probably discipline him with the video yet to be released

On Wednesday during practice, Green, 32, and Poole, 23, were exchanging jabs when things rapidly got heated. Poole finished the practise session after the teammates had to be separated and it was said that he wasn’t wounded physically.

Draymond Green Punched Jordan Poole During GSW Practice, Fight Video Yet To Be Released On Twitter

Green is well known for being feisty and has fought with players in the past, notably Kevin Durant. The Warriors punished Green for one game after that heated altercation on the court.

Beginning Of Warriors’ Demise?

The futures of Green and Poole with the team are still up in the air.


If the Warriors do not give Green what he wants after this season, Green may choose to opt out of his contract, and Poole will become a restricted free agency.

This match may mark the beginning of Golden State’s demise. If need be, the Warriors might decide to go with Poole over Green since he represents the future of the team.

According to The Athletic, the Golden State Warriors, who are the defending NBA champions. Are carefully considering taking disciplinary action against veteran player Draymond Green. For his involvement in a physical incident on Wednesday during practice.

The two had to be promptly separated after getting into a violent argument that started with them going chest to chest. And then pushing and shoving, according to the report, and Green then punched guard Jordan Poole.


To calm things down in the team’s locker room, the Warriors halted the practice. But internal punishment will soon follow.

Poole and Greene, who are frequently regarded as the Warriors’ emotional leaders, have a history of disagreements,. But according to the article, the Warriors feel they passed a line this time.

The combative player Green, 32, has a track record of picking up technical fouls besides his fiery style. Green averaged 7.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, and seven assists per game. Despite only taking part in 46 games the previous season.

The 23-year-old Poole enjoyed a breakout season for the Warriors last year. Averaging 18.5 points, four assists, and 3.4 rebounds per game.


An Undisciplined Way 

The upcoming contract decisions the Warriors will have to make to their players who are eligible for extensions receiving a lot of attention this off-season. The consensus throughout the league is that one of Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Jordan Poole will not receive a contract extension. This argument probably had nothing to do with contract disputes or extension negotiations, but it’s possible that it stressed players like Green and Poole out about it. Which might make this part of the summer even more stressful.

Teams clearly do not want fights like these to happen, but professional sports teams are also not fully immune to them. They are frequently settled following disciplinary action, and in this case, it is probably what will happen. As stated in the Slater and Charania report, they will release soon additional information.