Draymond Green And Kendrick Perkins Call Each Other Ugly As ESPN Orders Big Perk To Delete His Video

Draymond Green And Kendrick Perkins Call Each Other Ugly As ESPN Orders Big Perk To Delete His Video

Draymond Green adrenaline was pumping after the Warriors’ Game 6 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night, forcing him to stay up late and utilize social media extensively with him lashing out at Kendrick Perkins

While the rivalry between Green and Perkins was likely already brewing, it took a turn Friday morning when the latter appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” to voice his concerns about the Warriors heading into Game 6.

Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins Take Turn Calling Each Other Ugly, And ESPN Orders Big Perk To Delete His Video Of Draymond Cursing Him Out

Green continued to take shots at former NBA player Kendrick Perkins on Twitter a few hours after going on a postgame rage about remarks made by ESPN NBA commentator Kendrick Perkins.

At ESPN, you have a really nice job that pays handsomely. You cannot be triggered by gamers calling you an Ogre and lose your job as a result. You can’t keep throwing fights at everyone. That’s not going to fly now that you’re in the media. This isn’t the first time ESPN has ordered Big Perk to remove a video after he expressed his emotions.


Big Perk could take a page from Stephen A. Smith and just state that he will discuss the issue the next time he appears on television. This is all just for fun now. When Draymond stated this, he understood exactly what he was doing.

Green told reporters, “Something came to my phone earlier.” “Someone told me I was afraid to shoot the basketball. It’s awful to use the words scared and me in the same phrase. But you’ve got a giant monster on TV saying Draymond’s words aren’t gospel.

“It is the word of God. What I say is absolute truth. When you say something many times in multiple parts, you must believe it as gospel. So you have to step out and shut some folks up every now and again. When folks start talking out of the back of their heads. ‘Draymond’s pass can be made by anyone.’ That’s ridiculous.”


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