Doubloons And 4 Cat Meme Meaning Explained As It Goes Viral On TikTok And Twitter

Doubloons And 4 Cat Meme Meaning Explained As It Goes Viral On TikTok And Twitter

Recently, the video-sharing platform TikTok has been buzzing with a cat meme and doubloons crypto, know its meaning

The meme which includes a fake cat-driven currency has flooded the social media platform.

The meme has become quite a trend as thousands of people have joined in it.

While many are sharing their own unique version of the meme, some are left wondering what exactly it is, don’t fret because we’ve got you covered.

Doubloons Slang And 4 Cat Meme Meaning Explained As It Goes Viral On TikTok And Twitter

For those who are curious to know more about the Dabloon trend, let us tell you, Dabloon memes are just another bizarre playful and absurd which defies easy explanation.

Dabloon Trend Meaning Explained

Dabloon is nothing more than just a communal role play phenomenon. For those who are still wondering, let us make it easier. Once you go to the platform and scroll through your screen, you’ll bump into a Dabloon video.


This video uses a slideshow feature to flip through a series of pictures. Each of these pictures shows an item and at the end of it, a cat will appear which either will offer or charge you dabloons in exchange for those items you’ve seen.

Users can easily recognize the videos as it’s just a sped setup version of images which is inspired by the game ‘My Singing Monsters.’

For instance, a video addresses an user and offers him/her an item like hot chocolate. Then at the end of the video, a black car will appear and will tell you the costs for Dabloons to exchange the hot chocolate.


Let us remind you once again, you don’t need to go and pay for something in reality because these are all imaginary things.

Many users are creating their own unique version of to hop on the trend as some are creating videos where one can relieve dabloons debt while other are posting videos where you can robbed others dabloons.

Meaning of Doubloons

For those who are unfamiliar with Doubloons meaning, let us tell you, Dabloons are just a fictional meme currency which is being used in the recent TikTok Trend.

As per the Know Your Meme portal, the phrase and the images of Doubloons can be traced back to a 2021 Instagram meme.


Although, as of now it’s still unclear what exactly Dabloons are but based on the recent trend, they are just a medium to exchange an item so can be considered as a currency, but it is definitely not a crypto currency or a real currency.

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