Doctor Strange 2 Ending Explained, Who Is Dead And Alive, What Happened To Wanda

Doctor Strange 2 Ending Explained, Who Is Dead And Alive, What Happened To Wanda

Finally, the most awaited movie Doctor Stranger 2 premiered yesterday, know more about Doctor Strange 2 Ending explained, who is dead and alive at the end here

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also known as Doctor Stranger 2 premiered on May 2, 2022. Kevin Feige is the producer of this superhero movie while Michael Waldron is the director. After watching Doctor Strange 2, there is no doubt that all the fans are fascinated and confused. Most viewers of Doctor Strange are shocked about this unexpecting ending and curious about Wanda.

Doctor Strange 2 Movie Ending Explained, Who Is Dead And Alive, What Happened To Wanda

Fans are discussing all over social media if Wanda is alive or dead in the end. Of course, in the movie, we got to see that she destroyed herself after finishing all the copies of Darkhold. But the mystery surrounding the death of Wanda is still suspicious. If you have also watched Doctor Stranger 2 and are curious about the ending, you are at the right place. 

Doctor Strange 2 Ending

We find Chavez avoiding one of Wanda’s minions with the support of an enhanced version of Doctor Strange 2 ending. It happens before Wanda becomes a complete evil. She gets nervous when Strange agrees to sacrifice Chavez. So she builds a multi-dimensional door to another realm.

It is the primary Marvel chronology, designated Universe 616. She brings the creature and the lifeless Strange with her, but our Doctor Strange was at Christine’s ceremony. He arrives on the spot with Wong, the latest Sorceror Supreme, and they destroy the creature.


Strange and Christine arrive in the Sanctorum, where they face another universe’s Strange, who is defending an early version of the Darkhold. Strange 616 wins a musically battle between the Stranges. He then grabs the Darkhold and wields its abilities, replacing the Strange’s lifeless body from the introduction of the episode.

Who Is Dead And Who Is Alive at the End?

Wanda Maximoff’s real objective, as per stories, was to obtain America Chavez’s multiversal travel qualities. So that she could go to the multiverse and be around her children. The evil influence had distorted Wanda’s thinking. The whole story, nevertheless, involves America Chavez and Doctor Strange traveling between dimensions.


However, Wanda utilized the dark bind power to track them down by controlling Wanda from another reality. Wanda is on a quest for revenge.

Wanda is still alive, as per information, and she has withstood the devastation of the dark prison. Her 616 incarnation, unfortunately, is reported to have perished during the Multiverse of Chaos incident, and it is likely that she will return with a new version in the upcoming season. 


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