Did Twomad aka Muudea really die while playing Overwatch and what was his cause of death

Did Twomad aka Muudea really die while playing Overwatch and what was his cause of death

On Wednesday, February 14, 2024, Muudea, known as “Twomad,” was discovered deceased in his Los Angeles residence while playing Overwatch

The Canadian YouTuber initially gained recognition for creating content related to games like Fortnite and Overwatch. However, concerns arose when he was reported missing for several days.

Did YouTuber Twomad aka Muudea really die while playing Overwatch and what was his cause of death

Cause of Death

Upon the Los Angeles Police Department’s visit to his home, they found Twomad dead at his desk, indicating he had likely been in that state for an extended period.

Speculation regarding the cause of his death surfaced, accompanied by disturbing allegations of drug abuse, death threats towards fellow content creators, and even accusations of pedophilia. The details surrounding Twomad’s passing are outlined below.

One of Twomad’s alarming posts, dated February 8, 2024, consisted solely of images featuring several guns. Concerns heightened as the streamer had gone silent for days, prompting the LAPD to conduct a welfare check, revealing his lifeless body at his desk.


Twomad Was Playing Overwatch 2 Before Death?

Before his demise, Muudea was reportedly engaged in playing Overwatch 2, evident from the game being active on his computer for approximately five days. This information was shared by Slade91021 on X, illustrating the YouTuber’s extended gaming session.

Drug-related paraphernalia discovered at Twomad’s residence led some to speculate that he might have succumbed to an overdose. However, a conclusive determination awaits the results of an ongoing toxicology report, which could take several weeks.


Allegations Surfaced Post Death

Following Muudea’s death, serious allegations surfaced from James “Jameskii,” whose post garnered over 27 million views. Jameskii accused Twomad of being a r*pist and a p&dophile, alleging multiple attempts on his life due to his cooperation with law enforcement in various states.

Ross “RubberRoss,” another content creator affiliated with Game Grumps, supported these accusations, citing threats during TwitchCon on February 14, 2024.


Keemstar, among others, disclosed that Muudea’s close friends had previously shared concerns about his behavior, attributing it to drug use.

Keemstar expressed regret for not divulging this information earlier, acknowledging that Twomad had faced accusations of s*x crimes. This revelation angered many, who believed that publicizing such information could have potentially prevented Twomad’s actions or led to justice.

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