Did Steph Curry go bald as picture of him goes viral on Twitter

Did Steph Curry go bald as picture of him goes viral on Twitter

Has Steph Curry lost his hair as a bald picture of him goes viral

NBA fans questioned whether a claimed haircut depicting the Golden State Warriors superstar with a fresh new appearance was real.

The Warriors’ season is not going well.

The Golden State Warriors captured their fourth NBA Championship under Steve Kerr last season. In the 2017 Finals, the Dubs defeated the Boston Celtics, and Steph Curry won his first Finals MVP award.

Is Steph Curry bald picture real or fake as it goes viral on Twitter

The Warriors were considered the favourites going into this season by many as well. But, given that the team is now in seventh place in the Western Conference, things haven’t gone as well as fans had hoped. Steph Curry has also been absent from the Warriors since February 4 due to a knee injury he sustained against the Dallas Mavericks.

Reactions to Steph Curry going bald on social media

The current injury to the defending Finals MVP hasn’t stopped him from making headlines. After seeing a recent viral snapshot of the legendary guard sporting a no-hair look, many fans believe Steph Curry has gone bald.

Steph Curry’s bald head can be seen in the popular post, which has received over 9 million views. During the all-star break, Steph Curry is sporting a new style. the message read. Many fans expressed their disbelief in the comments after seeing Steph with such a striking new haircut:


Did Steph Curry truly go bald?

The responses suggested that many people thought the widely circulated photo of Steph Curry with a bald head was real. The Warriors guard hasn’t completely chopped off all of his hair, though, so it’s a fake.


Curry’s new haircut was Photoshopped into the photograph that was shared by an account that self-identifies as a parody and frequently publishes satirical material. It still succeeds in convincing viewers to believe many of its tales, such as Dwight Howard scoring 84 points in one game.

What is the assurance of Steph not being bald?

On February 25, he was seen watching a Warriors game from the sidelines, and his hair was still there.


Steph is steadily recovering from his injury, which is wonderful news for Golden State supporters. His superior tibiofibular ligaments, interosseous membrane, and lower leg contusion were all partially torn at the moment, according to the official diagnosis.

Following this week’s non-basketball work to maintain his fitness, Curry returned to the court. The game against the Clippers on March 2 would be his earliest opportunity to return, per reports.


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