Did Salim Durani date Parveen Babi during movie shoot and did he have a wife

Did Salim Durani date Parveen Babi during movie shoot and did he have a wife

Salim Durani was known as the sixer man, know if he had a wife

There was a time when Salim’s sixes were a point of debate among cricket enthusiasts.

Salim Durani was an outstanding batsman and he was a left-armed bowler who has taken a lot of wickets. Salim hailed from Junagarh, Gujarat and he was born to Abdul Aziz, who was also a renowned cricketer. His father played matches for India from 1935 to 1940.

Did cricketer Salim Durani date Parveen Babi during movie shoot and did he have a wife

At the age of 86 years, he acted as the lead Hero in a movie named Charitra with famous Bollywood actress Parveen Babi. Salim Durani has refuted that he ever had a love relationship with her as there was a controversy raised in several Bollywood magazines at that time.

After Parveen’s death, he said, ‘he was shocked to hear about her traumatic death inside a house in Bombay with nobody knowing about her passing.’

Salim Durani revealed that Parveen Babi was a good friend to him and she was also a native of Junagarh, Gujarat. Salim said, ‘the media always make mountains out of mole and my friendly relationship with late Parveen Bobby was twisted and blown out of proportion for nothing but to enhance their TRPs.’


Salim didn’t date Parveen during the shoot of the movie and was unmarried till his death.

About Salim Durani

Salim Durani Pathan was born on 11th December 1934 in Kabul Afghanistan. Later on, he moved to India during the partition. Durani was the first cricketer who was honored with the Arjuna Award.

Salim Durani’s greatest moments came in a series against team England held in 1961-1962.

Unfortunately on the 2nd of April 2023, Salim died at the age of 88 years. Durani was a well-known Indian cricketer who played in 29 Test matches from 1960 to 1973. Salim was an all-rounder.


Salim Durani was living with his brother, Jahangir Durrani, in Gujarat’s Jamnagar and he had undergone a thigh bone fracture surgery in January this year.

In his 50 Ttst innings, Durani made one century, and 104 runs against the West Indies in early 1962. Further, Salim played for Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Saurashtra in first-class cricket. Salim has made 14 hundred in first-class cricket in which he managed 8545 runs at 33.37.

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