Did Brook Lopez sh*t himself during Bucks vs Raptors as photo goes viral

Did Brook Lopez sh*t himself during Bucks vs Raptors as photo goes viral

A photo on Twitter has claimed that Brook Lopez soiled his pants during the Bucks vs Raptors game

The 2023-24 season for the Milwaukee Bucks has been quite a roller-coaster ride, and this week marked a particularly unpleasant twist.

The team faced a significant setback on Wednesday, experiencing a rather humiliating defeat against the Raptors in Toronto, with a final score of 130-111. Unfortunately, it seems that the Bucks encountered more embarrassment than just the loss.

Did Brook Lopez sh*t himself during Bucks vs Raptors as photo goes viral on Twitter

Eagle-eyed social media sleuths spotted an awkward incident involving the Bucks’ star player, Brook Lopez, during the game. While he was taking a free throw, some observers couldn’t help but notice a noticeable brown stain on the back of the center’s shorts.


In other sports, one might speculate that such a stain could be attributed to grass or dirt, but that explanation doesn’t hold water on a basketball court.

This defeat dropped the Bucks to a 2-2 record for the season. It’s a disappointing start, especially considering the recent addition of superstar Damian Lillard to the team just before the season began. They’ll need to regroup, both metaphorically and literally, to aim for their second championship in four years.

Who’s Brook Lopez?

For unfamiliar, Brook Robert Lopez, born on April 1, 1988, is an American professional basketball player representing the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.


Known by the nickname “Splash Mountain,” he earned an NBA All-Star title during his tenure with the Brooklyn Nets and was twice voted onto the NBA All-Defensive Team while playing for the Bucks. Notably, he was part of the Milwaukee team that clinched the NBA championship in 2021.

Lopez spent two years playing college basketball for the Stanford Cardinal and was selected as the 10th overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, initially by the New Jersey Nets.

He had a nine-season stint with the Nets, establishing himself as the franchise’s all-time leading scorer. Afterward, he briefly played for the Los Angeles Lakers before joining the Milwaukee Bucks. Interestingly, his twin brother, Robin Lopez, is also a member of the Bucks’ roster.

Brook Lopez holds the distinction of being one minute older than his twin brother, Robin. The two brothers have two other siblings, Chris and Alex.


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