Demisux denies dating Adin Ross as cheating controversy drama blows up after she visits ex-boyfriend

Demisux denies dating Adin Ross as cheating controversy drama blows up after she visits ex-boyfriend

Streamer Demisux has addressed the recent controversy surrounding her alleged relationship with Adin Ross and denied cheating on him

Rumors emerged on February 12, 2024, suggesting Demisux had been unfaithful to Ross. The 23-year-old Ross took to his X Community to address the situation, expressing gratitude towards someone named Silky for revealing “the truth.”

Demisux denies dating Adin Ross as cheating controversy drama blows up after she visits ex-boyfriend with informing him

Ross Expressed His Hurt Feelings

In his post, Ross stated, “Silky and I had a conversation this morning before anything was posted. He provided me with the truth and the necessary details. I want to thank Silky for his honesty.

“I urge everyone to leave Silky, Saleen, and others out of this, as they were not involved. They helped me as I was misled into believing the individual was with her mother.”


Ross continued, expressing his hurt feelings and extending well wishes to the other person involved, while emphasizing that his emotions weren’t directed towards Silky or others but solely towards the situation.

Demisux Clarified Relation with Ross

In response to the cheating allegations, Demisux clarified during a livestream that she and Adin Ross were not in a romantic relationship. She reiterated, “We were not dating. We never dated. I genuinely don’t understand why people believe I cheated.”

She admitted to lying about her whereabouts but emphasized that the only wrongdoing was her dishonesty. Demisux explained that she had gone to spend time with Saleen, adding, “The only mistake I made was lying about it. I could have been truthful from the start.”


Demisux confessed that fear drove her to lie, acknowledging her error in judgment. This incident marks another viral moment in the public scrutiny of Adin Ross and Demisux’s relationship, following Ross’s declaration on January 9, 2024, that he had ended ties with Demisux and vowed not to appear together on livestreams in the future.

Earlier Adin Confirmed Relation with Demisux

For unversed, Previously, the popular streamer Adin Ross found himself entangled in a feud with Nermin ‘Cheesur’ that had been brewing for some time. The spark ignited when Adin responded to Cheesur’s comment on Demisux’s tweet regarding X.

Nermin expressed negative sentiments towards Demi in the comments, prompting Adin to step in and urge Cheesur to steer clear of Demi and refrain from bothering her. Speculation had been rife among users and fans about Demisux’s relationship with Adin, with many assuming she was his girlfriend.

However, Adin refuted these claims during a stream, clarifying that they were simply friends.

Once again during a New Year’s Eve stream, Adin found himself in an unexpected situation when he hosted IShowSpeed.


Demi’s presence caught Adin off guard, and during the stream, he even displayed affection by kissing her on the cheek. Yet, the following day, Adin took to his stream to clarify the nature of his relationship with Demi, reaffirming that they were merely friends.

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