Delete H In URL Of Video Link To Find YouTube Easter Egg In 2022

Delete H In URL Of Video Link To Find YouTube Easter Egg In 2022

YouTube allegedly features an Easter egg in 2022, which was found by popular YouTuber Markiplier, one which can be foraged if you delete h in the URL of a video

Many viewers are perplexed by the unsettling video, with some attempting to decipher its significance. But what precisely is it, and how can you try it? People were taken aback when they found that YouTube was concealing something else in its URL.

Delete H In URL Of Video Link To Find YouTube Easter Egg 2022

Several individuals have tried it out since it was found, but the disturbing footage has not gone over well with everyone.


On July 24, popular YouTuber Markiplier pointed out that if you take one of the characters from the URL of a clip you’re viewing, it takes you to a scary video with no explanation. As he chose to start it out, he advised folks that he had no idea if it was a virus or maybe something put up by someone. He dubbed the entire affair an “easter egg” on YouTube.


The material is accessed by clicking on any random YouTube video. Simply delete the “h” from “watch” in the URL that shows at the top of your screen. When you press enter, you will be sent to a clip that will undoubtedly give you a creepy vibe.

Markiplier was amazed to notice that the clip displayed for any material that you attempted to click on, and all you would have to do is delete the letter “h” from the word “watch” in the URL. Simultaneously, he discovered that removing the letter “a” from “watch” led to some other clip.


Many people may get goosebumps as a result of the video’s background music, which may be undesirable to some. The brief video was posted on April 19, 2022, and millions of people have watched it so far.

The title of the video is a succession of sixes. If you tap on the account that posted the video, you’ll discover that the individual only has two movies, both of which are identical and were posted in April 2022. The user’s name is “666.” It is currently unknown who posted the clip or what it is about. However, it has left many people perplexed and startled.


To complain about a video on YouTube, follow the procedures outlined below:

Click on the bottom right visible underneath the video you’re watching.
Select “Report.”
Choose “spam or misleading”
Enter a clear explanation of why you’d like to report the video.
Select “Report.”


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