Dawn Brancheau cause of death as original Tilikum orca ponytail video and injuries pictures go viral

Dawn Brancheau cause of death as original Tilikum orca ponytail video and injuries pictures go viral

Dawn Brancheau, an orca trainer at SeaWorld for many years, was attacked and killed by Tilikum when she was barely forty years old with the ponytail video viral

Dawn Brancheau had a deep affection for all creatures, but she was especially drawn to the majestic orcas. The 40-year-old had been working with orcas at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, for 15 years, fulfilling her dream job. She was among the most senior trainers at the renowned attraction, something she had dreamed of since she was a young child.

Dawn Brancheau cause of death as original Tilikum orca ponytail video and injuries pictures go viral on Twitter and Reddit

Dawn had dedicated her entire life to achieving her dream. She began by studying psychology and animal behaviour in college, and after graduating, she secured a position working with dolphins at a New Jersey attraction. After two years, she was hired by SeaWorld, her dream job.

Dawn’s passion for animals was evident in more areas of her life than just her career.

During her free time, she helped at an animal shelter, and her home was occupied by her cherished pets, which included two Labradors and an assortment of stray ducks, chickens, bunnies, and even birds.


Scott, Dawn’s devoted spouse, also shared her passion for the outdoors. Dawn started working as a trainer at SeaWorld two years after she first joined the team, and she took her role very seriously. Keeping herself in peak physical condition to regularly swim in the pool among orcas, Dawn was one of the main attractions, with her picture appearing on billboards across SeaWorld.

Dawn was aware of the risks associated with her work and had spoken out against swimming with orcas four years before her untimely death.

Does anyone have any real footage of the killer whale kills for SeaLand, SeaWorld, or Loro Parque?
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I read in the lost media wiki that the Dawn Brancheau video was partially found. What do they mean by that? Are they refering to the bit that are shown in the Blackfish documentary or something else was leaked (like Christine Chubbuck audio) ?
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Dawn was killed by Tilikum

Tilikum, aka Blackfish, was her favourite orca at the location and the one she had a special bond with. Tilikum was one of the largest orcas housed at SeaWorld and has been in captivity for almost 30 years. Everyone who worked with Dawn said that he and Dawn had a loving and trusting relationship.

We’ll never know why Tilikum chose to grab Dawn and drag her into the pool, stated John Hargrove, a senior trainer at SeaWorld. In front of tourists dining at a neighbouring restaurant and seeing one of their regular performances, Tilikum appeared to snap.


Rising from the water, Dawn was reclining with her face near the edge, chatting with the orca that had always taken care of her like a friend. Then, without warning, Tilikum pulled Dawn by her hair into the water, and everyone who witnessed the ensuing attack was appalled.

It was a long-lasting, extremely violent attack. Dawn’s arm was torn from its socket, and Blackfish had torn her hair and scalp off, which was discovered at the bottom of the pool. Her official cause of death was drowning with blunt force injuries. Dawn also suffered a shattered jaw, broken ribs, and a severed spinal cord.

The other trainers tried desperately to get Tilikum to move away from Dawn by offering food and nets, but even when she was dead, he refused to let her go and kept her body in the water with him for forty-five minutes. Sadly, decades before he attacked Dawn, Tilikum was accountable for the deaths of two other trainers.

He was one of the three whales at SeaLand in 1991 that killed trainer Keltie Byrne. Soon after her passing, SeaLand was closed, and Tilikum was placed for sale. Tragic events occurred once more in 1999 after SeaWorld purchased the attraction when he attacked and murdered Daniel P. Dukes, a trespasser.

SeaWorld to discontinue the practice of breeding orcas for 6 years!

Tilikum lived out the remainder of his days in a pool that was hardly visited by the public following Dawn’s horrifying demise. After Dawn’s tragic demise, SeaWorld declared that it would discontinue the practice of breeding orcas in captivity for six years.


In addition to opposing shark finning and ocean pollution, SeaWorld is currently collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States to fight against commercial whaling and seal hunts.