Dani Alves is signing Barcelona shirts in jail in return for cigarettes after being arrested for nightclub rape

Dani Alves is signing Barcelona shirts in jail in return for cigarettes after being arrested for nightclub rape

According to reports, Dani Alves was discovered signing Brazilian football shirts while imprisoned in return for cigarettes

The Brazilian star has been in jail since January 20 after being charged with raping a woman in a nightclub in Barcelona the previous year. The 39-year-old has now battled in the confines of Brians 2 prison in Spain for more than two months. Alves was involved in a cigarette sales racket at the prison, according to the Spanish publication El Caso.

Dani Alves is signing FC Barcelona shirts in jail in return for cigarettes after being arrested for nightclub rape

The payer might be sanctioned with further charges.


According to the news agency, the families of the inmates allegedly sneaked football shirts into the facility, which the “renowned” inmates subsequently signed. The autographed jerseys are then given back to the original owners in exchange for goods like cigarettes. It was stated that a prison officer said there had been a big influx of Barcelona shirts entering the facility.

While entering prison, Alves maintained a low profile and even participated in inter-prison football games. The football star’s future may become much more complicated if the allegations surrounding the cigarette incident turned out to be genuine. Alves can be charged with further offences by the Spanish court if it is determined that he benefited from the scam.

Dani Alves is counting the days in jail.


The new accusations come after a judge imprisoned the Brazilian defender in January while looking into allegations of an attack at Barcelona’s opulent Sutton venue in the early hours of December 31. He reportedly revised his tale and said they had consensual intercourse after initially denying any contact with his complainant.

According to a Spanish TV journalist, the star’s new attorney claimed that the purpose of his earlier account of the events was to “protect his wife” and hide his “infidelity.” Leading lawyer Cristobal Martell, who previously defended Lionel Messi in his tax fraud case, appealed the judgement keeping him in detention.


According to court documents, Alves vowed not to leave Spain and to stay 500 metres away from his accuser’s residence and place of employment. If he were to be released from prison, he also promised to wear a tracking device around the clock and to report to the police every day.

The further story

After examining the accuser and suspect at Barcelona’s court number 15 on January 20, magistrate Anna Marn determined there was a case to answer. She reportedly stated in the newspaper that “there are much more than enough indications” to believe that a rape occurred and that the suspect was the offender.

The magistrate emphasised that nothing has been proven and that the investigation is ongoing, according to the newspaper. Alves’ attorney, Mr Martell, accused Judge Marn of adopting the Mossos d’Esquadra police inquiry “uncritically and carelessly” and charged that it was “prejudiced.” The solicitor asserts that CCTV footage from the VIP area of the club disputes the narrative of the purported victim.


The attorney argued it demonstrated that the woman and her friends were not “intimidated,” as she claimed, but rather in a “festive” mood. According to the film, Alves is seen escorting the woman to the lavatory, where they spent 16 minutes hidden from view rather than the 47 seconds that had been originally reported on Spanish TV.

Alves might have to wait over a year for the case to be heard if it gets to trial.