Cyclist Connor Lambert dies in crash, cause of death, obituary, bio, age, family

Cyclist Connor Lambert dies in crash, cause of death, obituary, bio, age, family

WA cyclist Connor Lambert perishes in a training accident in Belgium, here is all you need to know about him, his cause of death, obituary and age

An admired West Australian cyclist who died in a collision in Europe is recalled as “one of the nicest guys you would ever meet.”

Australia cyclist Connor Lambert dies in crash, cause of death, obituary, bio, age, family

In Belgium on Wednesday, Connor Lambert, a member of the Canadian team X-Speed United, was practising when he was hit by a truck. Connor Lambert hails from Bunbury in southwest Washington. The 25-year-old’s passing has rocked the cycling world, and tributes are flooding in from all around the world. One of the first to pay tribute to his buddy and fellow cyclist was Jai Hindley, a Perth rider who is presently third in the Tour de France.

Hindley said:


RIP Connor. Terrible news today to hear the passing of Connor Lambert.”

He further said:

A great guy. It was a privilege to know and to call you a mate.

“Thoughts with his family and the whole WA cycling community.”

Cycling legend Connor Lambert was renowned for his prodigious talent, unwavering dedication, and passion for the sport. His outstanding abilities and unwavering determination had a profound effect on the cycling community. Connor’s physical state was evidence of his strict training regimen and committed attitude towards his work.


He stood out from other professionals in the sector thanks to his technological knowledge. Cycling skills such as climbing, descending, sprinting, and cornering were all things that Connor was an expert at. He was able to manoeuvre through tight places with grace and agility thanks to his extraordinary bike handling abilities.

At both the local and national levels, Connor Lambert had taken part in a number of races and earned honourable podium finishes. He was able to successfully complete challenging courses, such as demanding time trials and gruelling mountain stages, because to his dedication to the sport.


According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the family of an Australian man who died in Belgium is receiving consular support.


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