Cristiano Ronaldo Sujud bow or Sajdah celebration meaning explained as video goes viral

Cristiano Ronaldo Sujud bow or Sajdah celebration meaning explained as video goes viral

In a highly anticipated Riyadh derby, Cristiano Ronaldo once again demonstrated his remarkable skills on the pitch with his sujud or sajdah video viral

Since his move to the MBS Pro League, Ronaldo’s journey with Al-Nassr has been a mixture of ups and downs.

While he continues to score goals with ease, his team’s title-winning aspirations have been gradually slipping away in recent months. However, in a thrilling encounter against their third-placed rivals, Al-Shabab, Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr managed to keep their hopes of a late resurgence alive.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sujud or Sajdah celebration meaning explained as video goes viral

With just two games remaining, Al-Nassr finds themselves three points behind league leaders Al-Ittihad. The two teams are level on goal difference, but Al-Nassr holds a slight advantage in terms of goals scored. If Al-Ittihad drops points in either of their remaining matches against Al Feiha or Al Ta’ee, Al-Nassr could still clinch the title based on goals scored—an exciting climax to the season.


As expected, Ronaldo stole the headlines once again with his exceptional performance in the Riyadh derby. Al-Nassr initially found themselves trailing 2-0 after 40 minutes due to a Christian Guenca brace. However, a late goal by Anderson Talisca just before halftime injected hope into the Al-Nassr camp, paving the way for a remarkable comeback.

A stunning solo goal which made all the difference

The comeback was completed early in the second half when Abdulrahman Ghareeb scored the equalizer six minutes after the break. However, it was Ronaldo who truly shined, delivering a moment of magic on the 59th minute.

Picking up the ball about 35 yards from the goal, the Portuguese icon embarked on a mesmerizing run, deftly evading the challenges of two defenders. With sheer determination, Ronaldo whipped the ball into the far corner of the net from the edge of the box, leaving fans and opponents astounded by his devastating display of skill and precision.


Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated with cultural appreciation

Following his sensational goal, Ronaldo graced his teammates and fans with a traditional Muslim act known as the Sujud bow. The Sujud bow involves low bowing or prostration as a sign of respect to Allah while facing the Qibla.

The gesture was warmly received by Ronaldo’s teammates, who showed their delight and admiration for his display of cultural appreciation. To add to the celebrations, Ronaldo followed up with his customary ‘SIUUU’ exclamation, sending the fans into a frenzy of joy and excitement.

A crucial goal in the title race by Cristiano Ronaldo

This memorable goal marked Ronaldo’s 14th since his move to Saudi Arabia, and its significance cannot be understated. With Al-Nassr trailing Al-Ittihad by three points, every goal becomes vital in their pursuit of the league title. If Al-Nassr can overturn the point deficit in their remaining two matches, Ronaldo’s exceptional strike may prove to be the turning point that propels them to championship glory.

In summary, Cristiano Ronaldo’s impact in the MBS Pro League continues to captivate football fans worldwide. His incredible goal and celebratory Sujud bow in the Riyadh derby showcased not only his remarkable skills on the field but also his respect for different cultures. As the title race reaches its climax, Al-Nassr hopes to capitalize on Ronaldo’s brilliance and secure the Saudi Pro League championship, making his move to Saudi Arabia an even more memorable chapter in his illustrious career.


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