Conor Gallagher accused of being racist after video of him ignoring high-five from a child goes viral

Conor Gallagher accused of being racist after video of him ignoring high-five from a child goes viral

Watch the viral video featuring Chelsea skipper Conor Gallagher, which prompted football fans to label him as a racist

Fans criticized Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher after he allegedly refused to shake hands with a black child in the tunnel before their match against Burnley. In the game, Burnley impressed by holding Chelsea to a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge, effectively thwarting a lackluster performance from the Chelsea side. Chelsea had multiple opportunities, but their failure to capitalize ultimately hindered their quest for European qualification spots.

Chelsea’s Conor Gallagher accused of being racist after video of him ignoring high-five from a child goes viral

However, it was the controversy surrounding Gallagher before the game that garnered significant attention from fans. The incident, captured on video and shared online, has sparked widespread criticism against Gallagher, with many labeling his actions as racist. Gallagher’s actions in the tunnel, where he reportedly shook hands only with a white child and ignored the black child’s outstretched hand, have provoked strong reactions from fans on social media.

Why Chelsea fans criticized Connor Gallagher?

Critics lambasted Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher as “shameful” after an incident where he appeared to ignore a young mascot prior to the match against Burnley. Gallagher, donning the captain’s armband for the game at Stamford Bridge against the Clarets, found himself accompanying two mascots as the players exited the dressing room. In the tunnel, as the players descended the stairs, the mascots awaited.


One of the mascots smiled and offered his hand for a high-five as Gallagher passed by. While Gallagher patted the boy on the back, he neglected to reciprocate the high-five despite the youngster holding his hand out for a few seconds. Instead, Gallagher glanced toward Burnley captain Josh Cullen before focusing his attention on guiding his second mascot forward.


Chelsea fans vented their fury over Gallagher’s actions, accusing the captain of showing disregard for the young fan. Social media users have condemned Gallagher’s actions, with some calling for apologies and consequences from both the player and the club.

How Mauricio Pochettino reacted to Chelsea vs Burnley?

Gallagher entertained the crowd for an hour before the coach substituted him, leaving Chelsea disheartened by their inability to clinch a win against the 10-man Clarets. The match ended in a draw due to a late header by Dara O’Shea, prompting Blues manager Mauricio Pochettino to rebuke his team for their failure to hold onto their lead.


Pochettino expressed deep disappointment and frustration regarding their second-half performance, acknowledging their failure to handle the situation. He emphasized their team’s capability of creating numerous chances and attacking when in possession. However, he lamented their inability to capitalize on those opportunities, stressing the need to enhance their goal conversion rate.


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