Connor Bedard Chicago Blackhawks contract details, salary and net worth

Connor Bedard Chicago Blackhawks contract details, salary and net worth

Here is all you need to know about Connor Bedard contract details with the Chicago Blackhawks including the ice hockey player’s salary, net worth and more 

At barely eighteen years old, Connor Bedard, the 2023 No. 1 overall draft pick, is already the face of the Chicago Blackhawks and has a shot to become the league’s next big star.

Connor Bedard Chicago Blackhawks contract details, salary and net worth in 2023

Connor Bedard is a Canadian ice hockey player with great skill who is well-known for his remarkable ability and achievements in the game. He has made important contributions to the advancement of the sport with his unwavering dedication to his career, which has led to ongoing talent development and financial success.


In 57 games, Bedard ended with 143 points (71 goals and 72 assists), making it his best season to date in 2022–2023. According to the Canadian Hockey League, Bedard scored 2.51 points per game on average that season. From a young age, Bedard showed incredible skill in minor hockey, leading The Hockey News to refer to him as “The Future of Hockey.”

NBC Sports Chicago reports that Bedard is the third-fastest player to reach the 10-goal milestone among players who started their NHL careers at age 18 or younger. Here is all about the Canadian’s contract details with the Chicago Blackhawks.

A look at Connor Bedard’s contract details with Chicago Blackhawks

In honour of turning eighteen on July 17, Connor Bedard inked an entry-level three-year deal with the Chicago Blackhawks that extends through the 2025–2026 campaign. $950,000 is his cap hit, the most amount that can be. As per The NBC Sports Chicago outlet, his contract is for $13.35 million in total over three years, with a maximum salary of $4.45 million each season. If performance bonuses are taken into account, however, the 2023 No. 1 overall choice stands to make a lot more money.

  • Signing bonus: $95,000
  • Base salary: $855,000
  • Performance bonus: $3.5 million maximum

What is Connor Bedard’s net worth?

The 2023 draft selected him as the first overall pick, and he signed a lucrative one-year contract worth $13,350,000.

As per reports, Connor Bedard has a net worth of around $2 million. $95,000 in signing bonus and $855,000 in basic pay make up his contract.