“Clearly I am in his head a lot,” Luke Shaw Lashes Out At Jose Mourinho Ahead Of England vs Germany Euro 2020 Showdown

“Clearly I am in his head a lot,” Luke Shaw Lashes Out At Jose Mourinho Ahead Of England vs Germany Euro 2020 Showdown

Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw does not concern himself by the comments of former boss Jose Mourinho ahead of his crucial last-16 fixture against Germany

25-year-old England International advises his former boss to move on with his life and forget about their bizarre public feud with each other. Shaw has completely gotten over his bad luck with the club and is now an integral member of the team.

Jose Mourinho: Tactician with a controversial personality

Former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been there and has won it all. Along with his tactical side, you see a man who demands more from his players and pushes them beyond their limits.

His criticism of Luke Shaw both on and off the field was not appreciated by the fans. He did not get results after his appointment as the head coach of the club and constant criticism of players was also not helping his cause.

He had a major fallout with Luke Shaw and constantly criticized him for his in-game intelligence. He gave him a rough time as a coach and even after leaving Manchester United, he still insults him publically on a radio show.

Luke Shaw who is now an integral part of Manchester United and England is in a good form at EURO 2020. Mourinho made fun of his corner-taking and publicly insulted him on a radio show.


Luke Shaw response to Jose Mourinho Ahead Of England vs Germany

English left-back Luke Shaw has put his bad relationship with Jose Mourinho in the past now. He clearly wants to focus on playing football and has his sight set on the crucial last-16 fixture against Germany at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday.

“Clearly I am in his head a lot,” Luke Shaw said when talking about Mourinho ahead of Germany vs England in the round of 16 of Euro 2020.

Luke Shaw vs Jose Mourinho 2015-16

Luke Shaw’s Manchester United career took a huge turn after Jose Mourinho was appointed as the head coach of the team in 2015. He started demanding more intensity from Shaw and often targeted him in training sessions.


In the opening group stage match of the UEFA Champions League against PSV, He was caught with a sliding tackle and suffered a double fracture. He was given oxygen and rushed to the hospital immediately.

After enduring that horrific injury, he was out of action for six months. After recovering from the injury he found it difficult to gain the trust of the manager and for the most part of Mourinho’s tenure was in and out of the team frequently.

He likes some, he doesn’t like others and I fell into the category where he didn’t like me,” Shaw further stressed that under Mourinho, he tried to do everything to get on his good side but it never happened.


But after all these years, he has grown more as a human being and has grown more humble as he feels that he is the chosen one by Mourinho. He has urged Mourinho to move on and hopes for a healthy relationship in the future.

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