Childhood Bride chapter 55 manga Reddit spoilers, review and raw scan

Childhood Bride chapter 55 manga Reddit spoilers, review and raw scan

Chapter 55 of Childhood Bride manga series titled “I was eaten by a Beast,” is already out and available to read on the official platform with its spoilers and raw scan

Jung is unquestionably a monstrous human being. Seyi and Jung return to their house after brutally beating Sunbae Nim. Jung demanded to see the bruises after learning that the Sunbae-nim had assaulted her. Seyi’s unexpected embrace and kiss surprised him.

Childhood Bride chapter 55 manga Reddit spoilers, review, plot story and raw scan

Finally, Jung delivered a right punch that knocked Sunbae Nim out cold. This action scenario was most likely created by the artist after reading action manga. Sunbae nim’s idiotic antics in recent chapters are getting on the audience’s nerves. In addition, in this chapter, Seyi had her first intimate encounter with Jung.

Chapter 54 of the mahwa series opens with Jung and Seyi are in love with each other. We saw in the previous installment that Seyi was ready to meet Jung. She was adorable, and the artist did an excellent job capturing her emotions.

Throughout the first half of the chapter, the couple has a good time together. Seyi’s facial expressions are so amazing that just reading the story will make you happy. Even Jung was excited about spending his first night with Seyi.


Seyi noticed Jung looking through photos the next morning. She questioned him about the object of his gaze. Jung described the city’s urban scenery to her, telling her that it appeals to him as a potential new home. Sunbae Nim and the tan girl then left for the city, and the scene changed. She even went so far as to ask if Jung had saved his phone number. She surprised Jung with a kiss on the lips in front of everyone, and they left without saying goodbye.


In another scene the artist depicts a lengthy sequence of Sunbae Nim and Jung fighting each other. Sunbae Nim was furious at Jung after what happened in the previous chapter. Jung was even threatened with a broken wine bottle. He was going insane trying to impress women and ultimately failing.

Sunbae Nim appeared to have an early lead in the fight. I expected Jung to take a beating, but he didn’t. Jung gave Sunbae the beating of his life in his comeback, much like Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series. It was entertaining to watch an idiotic character get beaten up.


The fans of Childhood Bride manhwa series can read Chapter 55 online on reading platform Webtoon.

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