Championship Prize Money: How Much Does The Richest Football Game Make?

Championship Prize Money: How Much Does The Richest Football Game Make?

Championship Prize Money: Although it is in the ninth richest league in the world, get to know how much does the richest football game in the history of the sport make 

The English Football League Championship, often reckoned as Championship is the highest division of the English Football League and the second highest overall in the English football league system after the Premier League. The league consists of 24 teams each season, out of which top 2 are directly promoted into the Premier League.

The teams who finish from the 3rd to 6th spot are involved in a playoff tournament, and the winner aslo gets promoted into the Premier League. The Championship playoff final is reckoned as the ‘Richest Football Game’ and with good reason.

Having said that EFL Championship clubs are awarded £100,000 for every home game broadcast on Sky, while they are given a £10,000 bonus for away clashes on the box.

Championship Prize Money: How Much Does The EFL Championship Playoff Final Purse?

Not only the does final winning team promote itself into the Premier League but also changes its fortune. The Premier League earned approximately £9.3 Billion from domestic and overseas broadcasting revenue for the three-year cycle starting in 2019-20 and ending in 2021-22.


Each Premier League club gets a healthy slice of that revenue pie worth approximately £100m per club, significantly more than what is on offer in the Championship.

On top of broadcast revenue, promoted clubs are also guaranteed a minimum of two years worth of parachute payments which equates to around £70m. Therefore, the £170 Million game tag for the play-off final.

EFL Championship Prize Money: Extras

To talk about the basic earning of EFL Championship teams, TV money is only a small chunk of the cash any team will receive. Unlike the Premier League, the EFL do not hand out prize money based on positions. Every club receives the same ‘basic award’ of £2.084 million.


This reflects the EFL giving an equal share of the TV deal negotiated with Sky to broadcast Championship games to every club in the division, regardless of where they finish. The EFL also give every club in the Championship a £4.3million ‘solidarity payment’ as per the most updated publishment.

The money is donated by the Premier League to ensure the gap from the second tier to top flight does not expand any further.


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