Champions Chess Tour (CCT) 2024 schedule, date, time table, lineup, format, prize pool, live stream telecast

Champions Chess Tour (CCT) 2024 schedule, date, time table, lineup, format, prize pool, live stream telecast

Find the latest updates regarding the 2024 Champions Chess Tour and its schedule, which will begin this month with the the prestigious Chessable Masters event

This month marks the commencement of the Champions Chess Tour (CCT) 2024, featuring the comeback of the Chessable Masters and an enhanced, faster format aimed at providing heightened excitement.’s primary year-long competition now comprises four main online tournaments, intensifying the competition in anticipation of the live Tour Finals at the season’s conclusion.

Champions Chess Tour (CCT) 2024 schedule, date, time table, players lineup, format, prize pool, live stream telecast

In 2024, the prize pool for each regular season event has been elevated from $235,000 in the previous year to a record-breaking $300,000, marking the highest amount ever presented for CCT events excluding the Tour Finals. The Tour Finals continues to maintain a pool of $500,000, contributing to a grand total of $1.7 million available throughout the entire Tour. Another noteworthy change for 2024 is the standardized time control for every stage, set at 10+2.

Faster And Fitter: Champions Chess Tour 2024 Returns With Chessable Masters


2024 Champions Chess Tour schedule, date, venue, format, & key players

In January, the Chessable Masters initiates the chess calendar, commencing a year of competitive chess. Subsequent to this inaugural event, three other significant tournaments unfold, each lasting 8 days: CCT Event #2 in May, CCT Event #3 in July, and CCT Event #4 in September. Finally, the culmination of chess action occurs with the prestigious Champions Chess Tour Finals scheduled for December 14 – 21.


All five events follow a format comprising a play-in stage, division placement stage, and knockout stage, creating an intense and dynamic competition to crown the ultimate victor in each tournament. The tournament circuit format for 2024 closely resembles that of the previous year, maintaining a play-in stage involving participants from various eligible titles, namely WCM, WFM, WIM, NM, CM, FM, IM, and WGM.

Upon securing a place in a division, participants progress to the knockout phase, marked by a double-elimination bracket. As per format, the third division winner advances to the second division in the subsequent event, while the second division victor will qualify into the first. Meanwhile, the first division, concluding with only eight players, determines the qualifier for the CCT Finals.


When & Where to watch: live stream & telecast

Notably, chess enthusiasts can tune in to witness the thrilling matches on the highest-ranked boards throughout the Champions Chess Tour, accessible via’s YouTube and Twitch channels.


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