Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 Release Date And Time, Manga Raw Scan, Reddit Spoilers, Where To Read Online

Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 Release Date And Time, Manga Raw Scan, Reddit Spoilers, Where To Read Online

Chapter 102 of the popular ongoing manga Chainsaw Man will be out soon, know more about the release date, time, raw scan, spoilers, and were to read it here

After a long wait, the Japanese manga Chainsaw man was back with Part 2 last month. Part 2 of the manga series centered on Asa Mitaka’s genesis storyline, who struck a deal with the War Devil. This new Devil has defeated all of Asa’s rivals, but it now seeks to destroy the famed Chainsaw Man. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 Release Date And Time, Manga Raw Scan, Reddit Spoilers And Where To Read Online

[News] Chainsaw Man will be on break for one week, Chapter 102 will be released on August 17 from manga


Chapter 102 Prediction/Theory from ChainsawMan


War Devil persuades Mitaka into joining the Devil Hunters at school in order to discover further about Chainsaw Man’s story. Asa has yet to meet Denji, although she does make some other friends. If you are also following the manga Chainsaw man and excited for chapter 102, we have got you covered here.

In the last chapter of the manga, we got to see that Asa and Yuko became closer. Yuko helped Asa by giving her shoes, which led to the two of them becoming friends. Asa, who had a hard time making friends with people, had at last met a person she could relate to. Asa’s first friend who treated her with great affection was Yuko.

Asa used to find it difficult to engage with others since he had spent time only with herself. After the Chicken Devil event, her worries about the same only grew greater. She has unconsciously been clinging to Yuko since she met a friend like her.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 Release Date And Time


Chainsaw Man Chapter 102 Release Date is August 16, 2022. You can enjoy this chapter on the manga plus app and Viz Media on Tuesday. Chapter 102 of the manga will be available to read from 8.00 am according to the Pacific Time and 11. 00 am as per Eastern Time. 

Spoilers For Chapter 102

Fans might get to see Chainsaw Man take action in the upcoming chapter. As we have not seen our favorite character even once in part 2 of the manga. It could be the ideal opportunity for Denji to join in now that the War Devil is unable to control Asa. This will enable Chainsaw Man to be seen in action by Asa and the War Devil.


Tatsuki Fujimoto is obviously placing Mitaka to be the main character of Part 2, but readers are starting to become restless to see Denji make an appearance again in the manga. The Bat Devil assaulted Mitaka and Yuko in the last chapter, while the War Devil struggled to seize control of Asa’s form. Therefore, many followers believe now is the ideal time for Denji to emerge from hiding and save the day.

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