Caitlin Clark Indiana Fever WNBA draft salary, contract details, NIL deal worth and net worth

Caitlin Clark Indiana Fever WNBA draft salary, contract details, NIL deal worth and net worth

Have a look at the salary and contract details of WNBA Indiana Fever player Caitlin Clark

The former standout of Iowa women’s basketball, Caitlin Clark, has embarked on her WNBA journey. The NCAA’s record-breaking scorer has been chosen as the top pick by the Indiana Fever in the latest WNBA draft which was held on Monday.

Renowned as one of the brightest stars in the sport, Clark’s stellar performance on the court has already garnered significant attention.

Caitlin Clark Indiana Fever WNBA draft salary, contract details, NIL deal worth and net worth in 2024

Her prowess has not only made her a sensation in college sports but also propelled her to become one of the highest-earning athletes through numerous NIL agreements.

Caitlin Clark will get around $76,500 on the court and $3 million off it during her first year as an WNBA player and Clark’s 11 known NIL deals are worth a combined estimate of $3.1 million with her net worth between $3-4 million.

Clark concluded her season with a back-to-back national championship defeat, as the Hawkeyes succumbed to unbeaten South Carolina on April 7th. A mere eight days later, Clark transitions into the professional realm.

In an interesting twist, the first four picks of the WNBA draft, including Clark, Cameron Brink, Kamilla Cardoso, and Rickea Jackson, will all receive identical contracts for the upcoming season.


About Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark, born in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., on January 22, 2002, is an esteemed American basketball athlete, currently set to show her talents with the Indiana Fever in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Her journey to professional basketball was paved through her outstanding college career with the Iowa Hawkeyes, where she left an indelible mark as one of the most exceptional collegiate players in history.

The point guard boasts the impressive title of the NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer and has been honored twice as the national player of the year during her tenure with the Hawkeyes.


Caitlin Clark Contract Details

Caitlin Clark is set to secure a four-year deal totaling $338,056 as per the WNBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The top four picks in the WNBA draft are all set to receive equivalent compensation. This means Clark, alongside Brink, Cardoso, and Jackson, will each be awarded the same monetary sum. Below is the breakdown of Clark’s contract over the four years, though it’s yet to be confirmed if she has finalized the agreement:

2024: $76,535

2025: $78,066


2026: $85,873

2027 (4th-year option): $97,582

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