Butter Board Meaning And Justine Doiron Recipe As It Becomes Viral Trend On TikTok

Butter Board Meaning And Justine Doiron Recipe As It Becomes Viral Trend On TikTok

The same as in other aspects of life, trends are also present in the kitchen, know the meaning of the Butter Board TikTok trend

The newest and most attractive fad to take over TikTok is the butter board. After all, there have been salad boards, cheese boards, chipboards, and dessert platters.

Butter is used in this dish either as a dip or a spread with other flavours. But if you have nice butter on hand, it may really shine.

Butter Board Meaning Expalined And Justine Doiron Recipe As It Becomes Viral Trend On TikTok

Videos For The Butter Board Are Overrun on Tiktok.

This is where butter boards come into play, because instead of having lovely cheeses and dips lined out on a board. You just grab some butter, melt it in your hands, and smear it on the board artfully.

The dish can be decorated with a number of items, such as honey, almonds, edible flowers, feta cheese crumbles, and fruit. That has been dried or fresh, and herbs, to give it your personal touch. You can use palette knives to make lovely patterns on the dish.

This effect, which gives the impression that you have a garden on your plate, is lovely. It’s so trendy right now and you can create countless combinations with it. If you use your mobile device to search for the TikTok hashtag, you will be able to better comprehend.

The Tiktok Trend Is Credited To Justine Doiron.

The recipe in Josh McFadden’s book Six Seasons served as inspiration for Justine Doiron. Who is credited with founding what is now known as TikTok and goes by the handle @justine snacks.


More than 7.8 million people have watched the original version of the video of her meal. Since it was published on September 16. Don’t you believe it’s similar to how many people adore butter spread?

Many individuals have noted that the secret to spreading butter on your board is to make sure that the butter is not only excellent. But also not too hard to be spread effortlessly. Additionally, make sure the butter is something you would enjoy eating as a snack or spreading on a piece of toast.

If your butter is old and has a rotten edge, this is not the greatest approach to keep the butter from going bad. It must be noted that if the butter is not of good quality, the effect will not be wonderful.

Do You Know The Secret Advice?

This is not a dish you should serve in the heat of the summer or in stuffy spaces; it is also not a dish you should serve by the fire or on the beach. The product will melt, which is the cause of this. Additionally, it’s great that the best options for this trick are typically fruits and herbs that are in season.

You may serve it with crackers or a loaf of sourdough bread and let your guests dip their chips in it like a dip. Undoubtedly, if you want to wear something eye-catching, you should try this style.


You may also get the similar result by using goat cheese, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, or a dip like hummus if you do not like the butter flavour but are interested in having this sort of cheese on your boards. The best part about these is that you can still express your creativity because they may all be decorated similarly.