Bundesliga 2022/23 winner prize money and distribution per position

Bundesliga 2022/23 winner prize money and distribution per position

The German Bundesliga is currently under a new 4-year TV rights deal for 2021-2025, as such, the prize money for the 2022/23 season will see a good amount, find out all the details below

Under the new domestic TV rights deal, the Bundesliga is set to earn around €4.64 billion (£3.6bn) in total revenue.

Bundesliga 2022/23 winner prize money and distribution per position breakdown

Following the new deal, the Bundesliga is the second most lucrative football league only behind the English Premier League.

Bundesliga’s new TV rights deal

The new TV rights deal sees an 85% increase in the total package from the last 4 year deal. The total package from the previous deal was around €2.51 billion combining both domestic and overseas rights.


In comparison, the new deal ensures a total package from both Domestic and overseas deal to reach around €5.5 billion. And according to early, The Bundesliga will receive around €1.5 billion distributed among the teams every year.

Bundesliga TV Money Distribution under the new TV Rights Deal

Given below is the amount of money generated under the new 4 year deal (2021-2025)

TV Rights Deals Distribution details
Duration 4 years (starting from 2021-22 season to 2024-25 season)
Domestic TV Rights €4.64 billion (£3.6bn) – Confirmed
Overseas TV Rights €1 billion is expected from the oversees deal (yet to be announced)
% increase from last 4 year deal The new deal sees 85% increase in the domestic tv rights money taking it to massive €4.64 billion compared to just €2.51 billion from last deal.
Yearly distribution €4.4 billion will be divided into 4 parts and that takes yearly TV money pool distributed to 18 clubs around €1.4 billion a year.
Distribution model 65% of yearly pool is divided equally while other 35% is divided according to league positions in the last 5 years.

Kit Sponsors Money for Bundesliga Prize Money 2023/23

Currently, the 18 Bundesliga teams are supported by eleven different sports apparel brands. The different brands are Adidas, Hummel, Jako, Joma, Lotto, Macron, Nike, Puma, Saller, Uhlsport and Umbro. In comparison, the Premier League only has eight brands supporting 20 groups.


Nike is the primary provider as it supports five groups – Augsburg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha Berlin, Red Bull Leipzig and VfL Wolfsburg.

Given below is the sponsors total budget distribution table for the Bundesliga Prize money:

Sponsor Name Percent of Team money (In € million)
Nike 27.8 %
Puma 11%
Uhlsport 11%
Umbro 11%
Adidas 5.6%
Hummel 5.6%
Jako 5.6%
Joma 5.6%
Lotto 5.6%
Macron 5.6%
Saller 5.6%

Current German TV rights money distribution system

The current German football TV rights money distribution follows a simple formula unlike the other three top European leagues (England, Spain, and Italy). The distribution system consists of only two column payments for the 18 bundesliga clubs. Meanwhile, leagues in England, Spain and Italy have three pillars of payment distribution.

Given below are the TV rights money distribution breakup:

  • 65% is distributed equally to each of the 18 teams at the end of every season
  • 35% is distributed to teams based on historic league positions in the past 5 years

2022/23 Bundesliga Prize Money for winner

This season, for instance, Bayern Munich will get €65.4 million from the Bundesliga’s national TV rights.

Taking into consideration all of the above factors, the traditional top 6 teams in the Bundesliga 2022/23 season will earn between €100 to €120. Meanwhile, the bottom clubs will earn a minimum of €60 million with the new deal.

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