BTS Proof Release Date, How To Pre-Order Album, Teaser, Price, Logo

BTS Proof Release Date, How To Pre-Order Album, Teaser, Price, Logo

The world’s famous band BTS is finally back with their brand new album Proof, know more about BTS Proof Release date, how to pre-order the album, teaser, and price here.

Well, all the BTS fans in the world were eagerly excited for the next album after their Concert in Las Vegas. Though at that time, the band did mention the comeback with a new album, they did not mention the exact date. Fans and followers of the BTS will be happy to know that finally, BTS announced the date and name of their new album on the evening of 4th May 2022.

BTS Proof Release Date, How To Pre-Order Album, Teaser, Price And Logo

Last evening, Bangtan Tv has released 5 mins 21 seconds trailer of the upcoming album BTS Proof. The trailer ends will the line We are bulletproof. The entire BTS army became emotional after watching the trailer and showered the group with lots of best wishes for the album. Everyone is sure that this BTS Proof comeback is going to be legendary. 


If you are also excited about the BTS Proof album and want to know all about it, you are at the right place. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming album BTS: Proof, including its release date and price. 

BTS Proof: Release Date

The release date of the upcoming album BTS: Proof is June 10, 2022, at 12 am according to The Eastern Time. The date was announced in the trailer and also 3 new songs will be there in the brand new album of BTS: Proof. Some of the group’s best singles are seen in the clip. It also includes the titles of their records and mini-albums, as well as the period they were launched.


How To Pre-Order Album

Fans of BTS can order this new album on 5th May from 11 am according to The Korean Standard Time. BTS army from India can order BTS Proof at 7.30 am on Thursday. To pre-order this album, you have to Download the Weverse Shop app. Then, follow the BTS channel and select the global shop of your respective country. Then, you can click on the option BTS Proof Album and pre-order it. With this, you have successfully ordered your favorite BTS Proof Album. 

Price Of The Album BTS Proof

For international audiences, BTS’ anthology album Proof will be present in two editions: ordinary edition ($51) and Proof Set ($68.93). Similarly, the price of the Compact edition is $20.90 and the standard edition will cost $65.90.

  • – – Photograph: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 105 pages
  • – Outer Box: 1 type / W 188 x L 250 x H 60 (mm)
  • – Photocard B: 1 random out of 8
  • – Epilogue: 1 type / W 170 X 240 (mm)/ 80 pages
  • – 3 CDs:
  • – Photocard A: 1 set of 7
  • – Lyrics: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 45 pages
  • – Postcard: 1 random out of 8
  • The Art of Proof: 1 type / W 170 X H 238 (mm)/ 132 pages
  • – Poster: 1 type / W 841 X H 564 (mm)/ First press only

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