Brittany Mahomes polygamy foot tattoo meaning explained as photo goes viral

Brittany Mahomes polygamy foot tattoo meaning explained as photo goes viral

The symbolism of Brittany Mahomes foot tattoo has sparked a variety of theories from admirers, know its meaning explained

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his wife Brittany have been together since they were teenagers. They got married in 2020 and have two children: a son named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon and a girl named Sterling Skye.

Brittany Mahomes wife of Patrick polygamy foot tattoo meaning explained as photo goes viral

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has been under intense public scrutiny after admirers appear to have deciphered the meaning of the tattoo on her left foot. A tattoo may be seen on Brittany’s foot in a recent Instagram photo she shared with her husband.

The image was posted to Twitter by the parody account “Buttcrack Sports,” which is notorious for making fun of athletes. Brittany Mahomes has a tattoo with the word “polygamy” on her foot, which basically indicates having more than one amorous partner.

After spotting Brittany Mahomes’ strange tattoo, fans make snap judgements.

However, because Brittany Mahomes is married, it surprised folks that she had a polygamy tattoo on her body. The tattoo features an infinity symbol in the middle, along with a love symbol in the centre. Social media users have been sharing this post, and naturally, many of their followers have taken to ridiculing the pair.



Given that Brittany Mahomes has such a tattoo, many are attempting to determine the status of their relationship. Many people are attempting to defend Brittany Mahomes by claiming that she was unaware of the significance of the tattoo because a heart symbol and an infinity sign could also be used to denote a relationship that will last forever. One fan remarked She can’t possibly understand what that means, LOL; to her, it simply means “love forever.”

However, a lot of others were less than complimentary, saying things like, “I mean she is really a fraud tbh if you watched Quarterback you’d understand, Mahomes is great but the family he married into and the people around him are weird.” I’m not sure which is worse—Mahomes allowing his wife to have sexual relations with other men or Crack giving her feet enough of his attention to see the tattoo.


Although rumours about a polygamous connection between the couple are permissible, none have been confirmed. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s family has faced criticism from the public on multiple occasions, and this feels like another of those occurrences.


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