Brentford Premier League Promotion, The Royal End To 74 Years Drought

Brentford Premier League Promotion, The Royal End To 74 Years Drought

Get to know about all the latest developments and highlights from the world of football upon Brentford winning promotion to the Premier League and their miraculous story.

When the 2021 EFL Championship Playoff Final came to an end, there was one half of the field with stood in dejection. While the other half stood in disbelief as Brentford managed to break their 74 years deadlock.

After suffering a flurry of heartbreaking failures on the big stage. Brentford finally conquered the play-offs at the 10th time of asking, wherein they beat Swansea 2-0.

After decades of being stuck in lower league obscurity, Matthew Benham’s Brentford will be one of the smallest clubs ever to play in the top tier.

Brentford Premier League: The Ultimate Glory To reach English Football’s Top-Tier

Brentford’s rise has captured the imagination of neutrals after they spent 59 out of 60 seasons in the third or fourth tiers before reaching the Championship in 2014.

It is safe to say that this club has climbed well above their traditional status, courtesy to their highly innovative owner Matthew Benham.

Benham has introduced an ‘Analytics-Influenced’ approach overseen by two directors of football, ensuring the club make the most of their resources. Which are nothing compared with the Championship’s other wealthier teams.


Brentford Premier Championship Promotion: What to expect from Brentford in Premier League

After winning the ‘Richest Game in History of Football, Brentford has won a purse worth a minimum of £170m over the course of next three seasons. Interestingly which is significantly more than what Chelsea vs Manchester City’s winner from Champions League Final would win.

In just the second season at the new Brentford Community Stadium, the team will welcome the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester City, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool to west London.


With an experienced and vastly knowledgeable coach and owner, Brentford can significantly pave their way to stay in the English top-football-tier, but assume it the hard way.

Premier League Promotion Money

Should Brentford avoid relegation next season, they could earn $300 Million. While if they manage to stay in the top flight until the 2022/23 season, they could earn $400M.


In simpler words, it works out at an average of £56m per season across the next five top-flight campaigns should Matthew Brenham’s Brentford manage to stay in the Premier League for the 2022/23 term.

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