Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 5 release date, time, spoilers, where to read online

Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 5 release date, time, spoilers, where to read online

After reading the last update of Boruto Two Blue Vortex readers of the series anxiously searching up the release date of chapter 5 which is set to be out soon

Following the confirmation of Sasuke’s status in the previous chapter, anticipation is high among fans for the next installment.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 release date, time, spoilers, leaks, where to read online

In the preceding chapter, Boruto pursued Code using the Flying Raijin jutsu and encountered four new adversaries known as God Tree. This development led to Boruto’s retreat to his hideout, revealing his alliance with Kashin Koji. Meanwhile, Sasuke had been transformed into a tree.

Chapter 4, titled “The Awakening,” depicted Boruto using the Flying Raijin jutsu to reach Code’s location, only to find the Ten-Tails missing.

The emergence of four new adversaries, the God Trees, followed, revealing a situation where those turned into trees now had corresponding God Trees. After a confrontation, Boruto teleported back to his hideout, unveiling his alliance with Kashin Koji, while Sasuke had succumbed to the tree transformation.


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Chapter 5 is expected to delve into Sasuke Uchiha’s past, explaining how he became a tree. This revelation may shed light on the events during the timeskip when Boruto and Sasuke faced Code.

Additionally, the chapter might explore how Boruto teamed up with Code and the circumstances leading to their partnership. Alternatively, the upcoming chapter may shift focus to Sarada Uchiha or Kawaki, as the Hidden Leaf Village plans to collaborate with Boruto against Code and the looming threat of the God Trees.


Where To Read

Readers can enjoy Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app or VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump app or website. The former allows unlimited access to all chapters, with the exception of the first and last three, which can be viewed without restrictions.

The Shonen Jump app and website grant access to the first and latest three chapters without restrictions, while a premium membership is required to view the others.


Release Date

For most fans worldwide, Chapter 5 will be released on Wednesday, December 20. However, in Japan, the chapter is set to release on Thursday, December 21, at 12 am JST, with varying release times across different time zones.

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