Bodybuilder Tonya Knight cause of death, cancer type, obituary, age and family

Bodybuilder Tonya Knight cause of death, cancer type, obituary, age and family

Former bodybuilder Tonya Knight passed away at the age of 56 after a long fight with cancer, know her cause of death

The ex-bodybuilder’s cancer had been a constant struggle for a long time.

Her death came as a shock to her many followers. Malachi Knight, his only son, is the last surviving member of his family.

Bodybuilder Tonya Knight cause of death, cancer type, obituary, age, son and family

It was a day of mourning in the world of bodybuilding and fitness on February 7, 2023. Sadly, Tonya Knight, a female bodybuilder with a global reputation, passed suddenly at the age of 56 after a life devoted to the sport.

Knight, known for her tight conditioning and perfectly sculpted physique, died after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Her son, Malachi, is in his early teens, and she has three brothers: Timothy, Todd, and Travis, as well as other stepsiblings and in-law siblings. Tonya had an incredible thirteen-year career in the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding League, during which she broke as many records as possible and placed in the top five in several competitions.


Tonya’s incredible physique has motivated countless individuals to make positive changes in their own lives. As a result of her illness, she perished away. Her performances, however, have created a legacy that has broken all sorts of records in the field. The most notable thing about Tonya’s career is that it was cut short because of her fight with cancer, which ultimately led to her death.

Tonya Knight is now among the most well-known names in the sport of bodybuilding. As a result, the moment people learned of her passing, Twitter was awash with heartfelt condolences.

Tonya Knight had a very successful career

Tonya Knight, born on March 24, 1966, played volleyball at both her high school and college. Rachel McLish decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry after seeing herself featured on a magazine cover.

She joined a gym and started training with her brother’s encouragement. In 1983, when she made her debut, she immediately became the centre of attention. In her previous life, she was a bodybuilder, and she competed in a number of exhibitions in Venice, Italy. Anja Schreiner, a six-time Ms. Olympia winner, competed against her and other notable bodybuilders during her illustrious career.


In 1991, Tonya Knight won the title of Ms. International, and two years later, she placed sixth in the same competition. Third place in the Jan Tana Classic in 1993 was her best finish. She competed in and won the 1993 IFBB Grand Prix in Italy before calling it quits. Her appearance on American Gladiators propelled her to stardom on the small screen. She quit after three seasons due to a knee ailment.

In-depth analysis of her previous bodybuilding competition

Even after Tonya’s retirement from bodybuilding in 1995, she was still a major player in the sport. Tonya went into the fitness business again a few years after she retired and opened a gym in Kansas City named “Tonya’s Training Place.” Since then, it’s risen to prominence as one of Kansas City’s premier fitness centres.

Tonya was not only generous with her money, but she was also quite active in helping others who needed it. Following is a list of some of the most prestigious Bodybuilding Competitions in which she has competed.

  • 1984 NPC USA Championship – 11th (LHW)
  • 1985 NPC USA Championship – 6th (HW)
  • 1986 NPC USA Championship – 4th (HW)
  • 1988 Pro World Championship – 5th
  • 1988 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 4th (later disqualified)
  • 1989 Ms. International – 1st (later disqualified)
  • 1991 IFBB Grand Prix Italy – 1st
  • 1991 Ms. International – 1st
  • 1992 Ms. International – 6th
  • 1993 Jan Tana Classic – 3rd

Her commitment to boxing in the face of illness was inspiring, and she remained in the ring until the very end, proving herself to be a formidable opponent even in death.

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