Blue Lock Chapter 235 spoilers Twitter and Reddit, leaks and raw scans

Blue Lock Chapter 235 spoilers Twitter and Reddit, leaks and raw scans

With Blue Lock Chapter 235 spoilers available, fans witnessed a pivotal moment in Hiori Yo’s journey

He was determined to break free from his parents’ expectations, yet he remained focused on meeting Isagi’s standards, leading to a challenging dilemma.

Blue Lock Chapter 235 spoilers Twitter and Reddit, leaks, raw scans

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In the preceding chapter, Hiori played a crucial role in Bastard Munchen’s counterattack alongside Isagi and Yukimiya. When Isagi aimed for the winning goal, Kaiser attempted to intercept, prompting Isagi to strike the ball simultaneously. Unfortunately, Aryu and Barou thwarted their efforts.


Chapter 235 Spoilers 

The upcoming Blue Lock Chapter 235, titled “The Meaning of Being Born,” continues from this point. After Barou and Aryu’s block, the ball soared into the air, with Kunigami and Aryu vying for possession. Regrettably for Kunigami, Aryu headed the ball away.

The ball then headed toward Oliver Aiku and Michael Kaiser, but Hiori Yo managed to seize control of it. Simultaneously, Yoichi Isagi embarked on a run to elude Barou’s reach.

As Hiori advanced with the ball, determined to create a scoring opportunity as Isagi expected, he couldn’t escape the weight of his parents’ expectations. This realization made him acknowledge that, despite his desire to evade expectations, he was still striving to meet Isagi’s standards. However, he didn’t resent Isagi’s expectations.

In the midst of contemplating his next move, Hiori had a vision of Jinpachi Ego encouraging him, as a striker, to take the shot. This reminded Hiori that Blue Lock was where strikers were honed, convincing him that his shot might be the key to victory.


Nevertheless, Hiori remained torn, given Isagi’s pivotal role in his journey. Remembering Tabito Karasu’s advice about setting expectations for himself, Hiori realized that he was blaming others to evade taking responsibility for his indecisiveness. Consequently, he chose to take the shot, seeking answers for his future.

Hiori’s unexpected shot shocked everyone, as they anticipated a pass to Isagi. Only Sendo Shuto was prepared and managed to thwart the goal. Although Hiori was disappointed, his shot inspired Isagi with a new glimmer of hope for victory, which he shared with his partner.

In Blue Lock chapter 235, Hiori Yo surprised fans by revealing a different aspect of his character. Throughout the series, he has primarily focused on assisting others in achieving their goals, but in this latest installment, readers witnessed him attempting to score a goal for himself.

Notably, his shot displayed remarkable power. Although Isagi has not yet disclosed his strategy, readers can anticipate an intriguing interaction between Isagi and Hiori in the upcoming chapter.


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