Blu Of Earth Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend Is Following And Liking Shailene Woodley Instagram Posts

Blu Of Earth Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend Is Following And Liking Shailene Woodley Instagram Posts

The media has been covering Aaron Rodgers’ romantic life extensively already with his girlfriend Blu of Earth deciding to send some love to Shailene Woodley on Instagram

Aaron Rodgers actually just got inked. Even while many sportsmen get tattoos, this wasn’t just any tattoo; it was significant. For starters, Aaron Rodgers got his first tattoo ever, which is a major thing in and of itself. But he received this specific tattoo as a gift for his partner.

A bit more information about Rodgers’ partner is still emerging.

Blu Of Earth Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Is Following And Liking Shailene Woodley Instagram Posts

Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers’ Former Fiancée, Is Followed By His Girlfriend


Now there’s some much more odd behavior. Blu just began following Shailene Woodley, Rodgers’ ex-fiancée. Blu has also expressed interest in a few of her postings.

Being among the NFL’s finest effective quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers is well-known. His career, which is headed for the Hall of Fame, has already been distinguished by his ability to analyze defenses, make changes, and locate a free guy. However, Rodgers seems to have a lot of detractors. Every action or statement he makes causes offense, though perhaps it’s hard to tell why. Lately, a member of the NBA Hof found himself hurling insults at the Green Bay Packers quarterback in just this way.

On the NFL Complete Access program, Charles Barkley discussed the Packers quarterback and just how he doesn’t like his hairstyle because he thinks it’s too cheap:

During the golf tournament, The Match last month, the 4 NFL MVPs and the reigning TNT NBA commentator placed a wager. They wagered that Barkley would get to chop Rodgers’ hair if he finished higher than the quarterback in this year’s American Century Championship celebrities golf event.


This bet, to be clear, didn’t even come out of left field. Rodgers debuted a man bun there at beginning of last season, and Barkley has already stated that he doesn’t like it.

Aaron Rodgers is a considerably nicer golfer than Barkley, who advised the QB to chop his hair. In the case of missing, he would be pleased to donate that $25,000 to the organization of his preference.

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