Bloody Daddy Shahid Kapoor movie ending explained, review and plot story

Bloody Daddy Shahid Kapoor movie ending explained, review and plot story

Shahid Kapoor’s latest action-thriller movie, Bloody Daddy, has kept viewers hooked on the big screen, know its review and ending explained

Director Ali Abbas Zafar and Shahid Kapoor have collaborated for the first time to showcase a complex father-son relationship.

Bloody Daddy Shahid Kapoor movie ending explained, review, plot story

Shahid Kapoor’s latest action thriller, Bloody Daddy, is a Hindi adaptation of 2011’s French film Sleepless Night. In 2015, a Tamil version of the French film Thoongaa Van, starring Kamal Haasan, was also made.

The Cast and Crew of the Movie Bloody Daddy

The movie is made under the direction of Ali Abbas Zafar, and he co-wrote the script with Aditya Basu. Marcin Laskawiec handled the photography, and Steven H. Bernard handled the editing.

The Star Cast Include

  • Shahid Kapoor
  • Sanjay Kapoor
  • Ronit Roy
  • Rajeev Khandelwal
  • Diana Penty
  • Vivian Bhathena
  • Zeishan Quadri

The Plot Story of Bloody Daddy 

The story focuses on November 2021, the post-COVID phase, when the world was trying to get back to normal after the second wave. Crime rates have increased as the pandemic disrupted businesses and many people’s livelihoods, which gave rise to crimes involving drugs. 

An NCB officer named Sumair (Shahid) attacked a drug dealer in Gurugram, which infuriated Sikandar, the drug kingpin. The drug lord, who is portrayed by Ronit Roy, kidnaps Sumair’s son.

Sumair is enraged and would do anything to save his son, even if it meant going up against his own people. In his quest to find his son, he discovers some hidden secrets. Will he be able to save Atharv, his son? 


The Review of Bloody Daddy

Bloody Daddy is off to a good start. A glimpse into Sumair’s relationship and conversations with his son Atharv will give you an idea that the movie won’t be too serious. Watching Sumair execute his plans to get back his son is quite thrilling, and the characters are wicked and weird. They sometimes go overboard with their exchanges, making you laugh. 

Marcin Laskawiec used tracking shots in various parts of Ali Abbas Zafar’s film. every occasion, Shahid’s face is zoomed in very tightly, allowing us to see more of the repressed rage. Some of the fight scenes include incredible camera work, particularly the altercation between Shahid and Rajeev in the kitchen. For those who appreciate this genre, the well-choreographed action scenes are a treat.

The film Bloody Daddy also has a number of problems. Due to a slightly drawn-out screenplay, the plot becomes predictable towards the end. Shahid maintains a neutral expression in a few scenes. Others around him were acting bizarrely, so it seemed like he was trying his best to maintain a straight face.


Diana Penty ultimately proved to be a letdown, with little to recommend her. A talented actor who is underappreciated, Rajeev Khandelwal put on a solid performance. He gives the story a new twist. Ronit Roy’s notoriety on film was a welcome sight. An older version of Ronit’s persona existed in Sanjay Kapoor. You can be entertained by the pair.

Shahid Kapoor’s OTT Release Final Review

Bloody Daddy is Shahid Kapoor’s first streaming movie and the second OTT release of 2023. The actor offers a superb portrayal and captures your interest with his intense wrath and action scenes.

The Bloody Daddy film is for those who enjoy some kicks, punches, and bullets. It has a lot of action and is packed with hilariously strange characters. Even though the story takes place just a few months after the fatal second wave, it doesn’t upset you by forcing you to relive those trying moments.


Earlier this year, he also dazzled the audience in the criminal drama Farzi on Prime Video. 

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