Billy Gilmour took sleeping pills after being stalked by Orla Melissa Sloan aka Instagram model Devil Baby

Billy Gilmour took sleeping pills after being stalked by Orla Melissa Sloan aka Instagram model Devil Baby

Billy Gilmour was stalked and harassed by Instagram model Orla Melissa Sloan or Devil Baby

A Premier League star’s performance on the field has been significantly affected after enduring a distressing stalking incident involving an influencer named Orla Melissa Sloan also known as the “Devil Baby.”

Brighton midfielder Billy Gilmour, aged 21, along with his fellow Chelsea teammates Mason Mount, 24, and Ben Chilwell, 26, fell victim to Orla Melissa Sloan, aged 22, who relentlessly bombarded them with persistent calls and messages. Sloan, an Instagram influencer with 81,000 followers, admitted to charges of harassment without violence and stalking at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Billy Gilmour took sleeping pills after being stalked and harassed by Orla Melissa Sloan aka Instagram model Devil Baby

The court learned that Sloan’s actions had a really bad effect on the personal lives and jobs of the Premier League players. She even got invited to a party at Chilwell’s house after talking to him on Instagram. After the party, Sloan had a sexual encounter with Mount. They didn’t talk much after that, but Sloan kept sending messages to Mount for about six months until he decided to stop talking to her.

Even though Mount tried to stay away from Sloan, she kept bothering him by changing her phone number 21 times to get around his blocks and sending him lots of messages. Surprisingly, Sloan also sent a lot of messages to Gilmour about his teammate Mount, even after Gilmour moved to Brighton and signed a £9 million deal. Sloan’s stalking behavior continued, and it caused Gilmour a lot of distress.

Allegations of false pregnancy and disturbing consequences


Sloan’s obsession took a disturbing turn when she falsely claimed to be pregnant, exacerbating the emotional turmoil experienced by Gilmour. These allegations were later revealed in court as completely fictitious.

To prevent Sloan from reaching out to his friends and family, Gilmour was forced to delete them from his Instagram account. The relentless harassment and the consequent emotional distress significantly impacted Gilmour’s sleep and mental well-being, forcing him to rely on sleeping tablets, which further affected his performance on the field.

Mount’s terrifying ordeal and Orla Melissa Sloan’s disturbing behavior

Mount found himself terrorized by Sloan’s actions, fearing she might show up uninvited at Chelsea’s training center. Sloan’s disturbing behavior extended to creating an Instagram account with the username DevilBaby_10, where she posted collages of Chilwell with other women. To intensify the harassment campaign, she tagged Chilwell’s family and friends in these “completely fictitious” posts.


The court was informed that Sloan stalked Mount between June 19, 2022, and October 28, while her stalking of Gilmour took place between September 10, 2022, and October 28. Additionally, Sloan pleaded guilty to harassing Chilwell without violence between October 20 and 29.

The consequences of Orla Melissa Sloan’s actions

Gilmour’s ordeal highlights the devastating consequences that can result from stalking and harassment. The Premier League star’s mental health suffered greatly due to Sloan’s relentless pursuit, especially as he found himself alone in a new town without friends or family for support.

Brighton FC took immediate action to address Gilmour’s concerns and implemented safety measures to protect him. The impact of such incidents on professional athletes’ lives and careers should not be underestimated, as the stress and emotional strain can manifest in their performance on the field.


Sentencing and Sloan’s background as an influencer

Orla Melissa Sloan, who refused to comment after the case, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 20. On her Instagram page, Sloan claims to be an ambassador for Fashion Nova, a popular online fast fashion retailer based in Los Angeles. She shares photos showcasing her extravagant lifestyle, including travels to London, Mykonos, and Bali, Indonesia.

Among her controversial claims, Sloan boasted about earning £50,000 from eating Percy Pigs while being naked. She also stated that she received a “lifetime ban” from Asda for engaging in indecent behavior within the store. Furthermore, Sloan utilizes her TikTok platform to discuss topics related to dating and relationships.

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