Biggest Events In Sports In The History Of The World

Biggest Events In Sports In The History Of The World

From high-speed car races to elegant cricket matches, the biggest events in sports in the world have always been winning the hearts of millions 

All corners of our athletic world are provided with special cultural impressions. From high-speed car races to elegant cricket matches, the biggest events in sports always win hearts.

Biggest Events In Sports History

1- The FIFA World Cup

After every four years, the FIFA world cup is held in which 32 countries battle against each other. The highest record in the FIFA cup is 6,161,000 numbers of spectators in the United States vs. Algeria match in the year 2010.

2- The Olympic Games

After every Olympic Games are held, the world’s most leading athletes compete for their countries. From the Soviet Union 1980 Miracle in ice hockey to wrestler Rulon Gardner winning hearts at the Olympic Games.

3- The 24 Hours of Le Mans, France

This is a modern-day vehicle race against time and stability. Every year it attracts about 240,000+ viewers at the event.

4- The Super Bowl, United States

The Super Bowl, the quest for the Lombardi Trophy open up with a persistent munching. As per reports around 100 million pounds Wings are preoccupied during the Super Bowl in 2012.


5- The Grand National, England

The race in which horses jump 30 hurdles, a blend of speed and stability is the popular Grand National. Every year 600 million viewers worldwide are attracted to this race.

6- The Master’s Tournament, United States

Golf tournaments were initially played by the legends of golf like Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer. All they want is that eminent green jacket. Around 30 to 40 thousand people cheer them in every round.

7- Polo at Palermo, Argentina

Polo is influenced by the Argentinians; this elegant sport is just as fashionable as it is strongly elegant. Argentina is believed to have more than 3,000 polo players.


8- Wimbledon, England

One of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournaments is Wimbledon. This tournament is the only major sport still played on grass. Wimbledon is played with a strict dress code.

9- Kentucky Derby, United States

This was started in 1875 and is run every year, quarter miles of horse racing is the first leg of the Triple Crown having bets over graceful horses. The highest bet was of an l amount of $165.2 million in 2011.


10- NBA Finals, United States

NBA is a seven-game series for pro basketball, this is a traditional event. Over 215 countries receive broadcast in a possible of 47 languages.

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