BGMI A5 Royal Pass release date, rewards list, price and leaks

BGMI A5 Royal Pass release date, rewards list, price and leaks

Here is all you need to know about BGMI A5 Royal Pass including the rewards, leaks, price details and release date

With every significant upgrade, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) releases a new Royale Pass with a different theme and rewards.

BGMI A5 Royal Pass release date, rewards list, price and leaks for 3.0 update

What would the gamers get from the new A5 Royale Pass was a question that many fans had. Many are astonished by the number of upgradable rewards that the new Royale Pass will offer.

Although no formal announcements have been made, reports indicate that players will be able to choose from a variety of upgradeable gifts when the battle royale game launches.

The A5 Royale Pass is anticipated to be released in BGMI with the 3.0 update, based on leaks by YouTuber Creative Pavan at the end of January 2024. There will be levels in the Royale Pass that reach level 100. The 3.0 version is also anticipated to include two new modes: Shadow Force mode, which is anticipated to have a futuristic theme, and a Dragon theme mode.


Pan and Molotov skins are just a couple of the rewards that gamers of the royale fighting title may expect to receive.


Royale Pass price

There will be two options for the A5 Royale Pass. The Royale Pass can be purchased in its whole for Unknown Cash (UC), or players can select a monthly version that unlocks levels 1–50 in the first month and levels 51–100 in the second.

The monthly Royale Pass is 360 UC, whereas the full Royale Pass is 720 UC when purchased all at once. There is an additional Royale Pass variation called Elite Pass. If you want to get the Elite Pass for months one and two, it costs 1920 UC, whereas the monthly edition is 960 UC.


BGMI A5 Royale Pass rewards leaked

Everyone who purchases the A5 Royale Pass will receive some incredible rewards. In order to obtain premium rewards, players can purchase the Royale Pass or earn free rewards by completing tasks.

  • It is anticipated that the Pan Skin of the Royale Pass will be upgradeable. Moreover, it probably has an animation effect for the kill feed and a skin for the loot box.
  • A Molotov skin including a kill field animation would also be included in the update.
  • A level 100 mythic outfit will be available for the A5 Royale Pass. The Dragon Abode theme will be incorporated into the female costume, which will be matching the Pan skin.