BGMI 3.3 update release date in India and new features leaks list

BGMI 3.3 update release date in India and new features leaks list

Popular game developers Krafton, is all set to release the new BGMI 3.3 update, check out the release date in India, new features and more below

Krafton released the last 3.2 update on May 29, which featured plenty of exciting, new features.

Krafton BGMI 3.3 update release date and new features leaks list

While BGMI updates offer a certain theme and prominent changes, fans can expect all kinds of new features in the upcoming 3.3 update as well.

Ahead of its release, the BGMI 3.2 update released in May 2024 featured optimised performance in online multiplayer battle royale, improved gameplay and frame rates, and reduced lag on lower-end devices.

Players also got to experience changes to weapon balance and a more stabilised and competitive gameplay experience.

BGMI 3.3 update release date

While Krafton has not announced the exact release date for the new BGMI 3.3 update, fans can expect it to release sometime around the last week of July. Since the last update took place on May 29, fans can expect the BGMI 3.3 update to release somewhere between July 25th to 27th. However, Krafton, are still yet to provide any official confirmation about it yet.

BGMI 3.3 update new features

The new update is all set to bring in all kinds of new features. Given below is a list of the new features that fans can expect:

120 FPS (Frames Per Second) support

The new update will allow all players to now enjoy the game in 120 fps.


BGMI’s Self-Revive Kit

The new update will feature self-revive kits at numerous places on the map. As such, players can now use this feature to revive themselves using the kit.

The Magnetic Gun

The new BGMI 3.3 update release will feature a Magnetic gun which players throw towards the enemy or any other objects away from you.


The Mecha Fusion Mode

This new mode will allow players to see two robots in the game’s lobby, which they can control and fuse to form an even bigger robot.

Repair Station

The new BGMI 3.3 update will feature special locations on the map where players can customize and upgrade their robots.

War Machine


The new update will allow players to combine two mecha robots and create a huge robot called the War Machine. The War Machine will give high-grade top-level weapons and armoury to players besides helping them run at fast speeds.

Jetpack feature

The Jetpack feature will help players to fly solo in the sky.

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