BGMI 3.0 update release date time in India, leaks and features

BGMI 3.0 update release date time in India, leaks and features

Here is when will the BGMI 3.0 Update release, its date and time

With each new update, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) unveils new and interesting features; the 3.0 version is no exception.

BGMI 3.0 update release date time in India, leaks and features list

Every version has a distinct theme, with major adjustments to classic mode as well as the addition of new features.

The Frozen Kingdom mode, a winter theme, was introduced with the 2.9 update for BGMI. A unique Winter crate, which is only accessible for a short period of time, contains the highly anticipated M416 and AKM Glacier skin lines, among other winter-themed events, modes, and awards.


When will the BGMI 3.0 will be released?

The final week of January 2024 is when the BGMI 3.0 update is anticipated to be released. An official date and time hasn’t been revealed though.


What are the features in the BGMI 3.0?

Leaks have already begun to surface, although BGMI creator Krafton has not disclosed any information regarding the theme or features. The 3.0 version will undergo major modifications, according to YouTuber LuckMan.

The new Katana or Machete sword weapon is supposed to be the best feature, he claims. A5 Royale Pass will also be included in the upcoming update, and it will include a female 100 RP outfit. Players should anticipate some changes to the aforementioned features in the future as they are merely leaks.

  • Healing while driving vehicle: Using healing items like bandages, pain relievers, and energy drinks while driving will be possible for players thanks to this functionality. Only passengers could previously use this feature.
  • New theme mode: Shadow Force: The Shadow Force will give the game a futuristic visual fair. Promised elements in the mode are exclusive to buildings in different locations, such as jail and Yasanaya.
  • New weapon: Katana: The Katana, an exclusive weapon available in certain modes, is a new addition to the 3.0 release. This melee weapon has a particular fighting style and eye-catching animations.
  • Bullet penetration
  • New recall island
  • Clone your character: An in-game crate that allows you to duplicate your own character can be used to trick opponents and take them by surprise.
  • Ninja Hook: Similar to the Spiderman grapple update skill, Ninja hook allows players to climb buildings and complexes.
  • Glider: The gilder feature can be utilised by players to travel quickly between locations if they are unable to locate vehicles.
  • Character improvements: The improvised aspects of the characters’ fall damage, movement speed, and other aspects