BGMI 2.0 Update 2022 How To Download Android APK Link, Play Store, Release Date And Time

BGMI 2.0 Update 2022 How To Download Android APK Link, Play Store, Release Date And Time

Know about the BGMI 2.0 update on android, its APK download link and availability on play store

BGMI 2.0 update: In the official Livik Map, experience combat, with new themed regions, an all-terrain UTV, and a slew of new XT variant weaponry.

Periodic upgrades to BGMI create a frenzy among players and supporters all around the country. They eagerly await the release of any new updates new features. This drives Krafton to create fresh material that improves consumers’ Battle Royale experience.

BGMI 2.0 Update 2022 How To Download On Android APK Link, Play Store, Release Date And Time

It’s been a few months since the continuing 1.9 upgrades were introduced. As a result, everyone in the gaming world is anxiously awaiting Krafton’s 2.0 significant upgrade.

Expected date and timing for the BGMI 2.0 update:

The new Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.0 update is slated to be published between today and May 15, with May 13 being the most likely date. Krafton posted the patch notes in both Hindi and English last night. Emphasizing that the upgrade is just around the bend.

Updates are typically released around 4:00 PM IST for iOS users and 11:00 AM for Android users. The next 2.0 update, like previous upgrades in the game, is expected to exceed users’ expectations.

The patch notes have already been revealed. And it is known that the update will add a slew of new content that will vastly improve the gameplay experience.


How to Install BGMI 2.0 APK on Android Devices?

Users with Android devices may simply download the 2.0 update from the Google Play Store. The part that follows will give them a full guide on the subject.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store program on your device and search for ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’

Step 2: Next, players must choose the appropriate outcome and then press the ‘Update’ button.


If they do not already have the game downloaded, they may simply hit the ‘Install’ option to receive the most recent version.

(The size of the 2.0 version in the Google Play Store is 371 MB, so users should make sure they have enough storage space on their smartphones.)

Step 3: The BGMI 2.0 update will be downloaded shortly, and once completed, they may launch the program and enjoy all of the new features.


Players should not be alarmed if the update has not yet been made available for their devices. According to the creators’ official notice, the distribution will take place before 9:30 PM IST. The APK link can be found here.

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