Best Right Backs: Best Rightbacks Of All Time In The World

Best Right Backs: Best Rightbacks Of All Time In The World

Best Right Backs: The best right backs in Football have a relevant role, both in attack and especially in defence for creating more chance in offensive play.

In this article, We are going to point out which are the best right backs in football and also show the who is best among them. It is not always the same, as we are going to see in its attributes and its functions in a delicate area of ​​the field.

Best Right Backs: List of Best Right Back In Football, Currently Playing 

Kyle Walker – 84 on average (MANCHESTER CITY)

The Manchester City side is surely the best of all for his benefits. and we point it out this way thanks to the combination of technique and speed with which it counts. His 87 acceleration and 94 speed are a guarantee, well accompanied by good resistance (89) and 84 robberies and 83 aggressive entry, an insurance also in defense. Also, he’s good at centering (81) and the whole technique moves at +70 stats, making him the most complete.

Joao Cancelo – 84 on average (MANCHESTER CITY)

Cancelo is one of the best right backs. Others have more average, but they lack the speed of the Portuguese: 89 and 90 acceleration and speed. In addition, its 92 stamina makes it ideal for home and away matches. He has good data on short passes (81), ball control (84) and all defensive elements move between the high seventies and 80. Perfect for any proposal.


Semedo – 82 on average (WOVLES)

As fans of the Catalans we will not agree, but in FIFA 20 Semedo is a guarantee of the right side. All his movement is superlative, highlighting the 91-92 in speed and his 88 in agility. Also, he has 91 stamina. On defense, 81 from steals and 80 from strong tackles pair well with 81 from aggression and interceptions. A road runner that is not the best centering or passing (76) but for long runs, it is worth it.

Dani Carvajal – 86 average (REAL MADRID)

Although he has more average than others, Carvajal’s problem is in his speed, not as prominent as the others (79 and 83). He makes up for it by being better on defense: 83 steals and 85 tackles, and 84 and 83 aggressiveness and interceptions. In addition, he is very good at passing (83) and crosses (84) and has a lot of resistance: 90.


Trent Alexander Arnold – 84 on average (LIVERPOOL)

We closed the top 5 with the Liverpool side, who has similar statistics to Carvajal but on the downside. Somewhat less speed (79 and 81), 83 steals and 79 aggressive tackles but a gentleman 88 in centers and 81 in passes. Good interceptions (79) but not too aggressive (73).


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