Best Football Stadiums: Most Beautiful Stadiums In Europe, Africa And South America

Best Football Stadiums: Most Beautiful Stadiums In Europe, Africa And South America

Bigger and better stadiums in the world of football have increased drastically in the recent years. Lets look at the best football stadiums in the world

The game of football has evolved a lot, each country portrays its own unique style to this interesting game and there are a lot many huge and grand football stadiums in some beautiful cities of the world.

List of the 10 best football stadiums in the world 

1. Wembley, United Kingdom

In the football world the Wembley is considered to be the best football stadium. Wembley is truly the most iconic one and was rebuilt in the year 2007 for up gradation purposes.

Capacity: 90,000

Location: London, United Kingdom

2. The Allianz Arena, Germany

The Allianz Arena is the most beautifully built and designed football stadium. This stadium is home ground to Munich based football teams.

Capacity: 70,000

Location: Munich, Germany

3. Old Trafford, United Kingdom

Old Trafford was opened in 1910 in the United Kingdom. This football stadium is the home ground to the Red Devils.

Capacity: 75,000

Location: United Kingdom

4. Camp Nou, Spain

The home ground of the most successful football club “Barcelona” is the Camp Nou Stadium; it is also the biggest cricket stadium in Europe.

Capacity: 98,757

Location: Spain


5. Azteca, Mexico

Azteca is a huge football stadium in Mexico that is renowned globally for its massive capacity. To date Azteca has hosted World Cup Finals for 2 times.

Capacity: 104,000

Location: Mexico

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6. Santiago Bernabeu, Spain

Every football fan is aware of the Real Madrid football club then you might know that the Santiago Bernabeu is the home ground to Real Madrid.

Capacity: 81,044

Location: Madrid, Spain

7. Anfield Road, United Kingdom

Anfield is not as massive as the other stadiums in this list but truly it is a legendary one as it has hosted some of the best football matches to date.

Capacity: 45,276
Location: Liverpool, England

8. San Siro, Italy

San Siro is a giant multipurpose stadium located in Italy. Some of the legendary footballers have scored their career’s best in the San Siro stadium so they tend to have a special place for the stadium in their heart.

Capacity: 80,018

Location: Milan, Italy

9. The Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has the most notable football stadium ever. Tis beautiful stadium of Maracana has witnessed a football World Cup match back in the year 1950.


Capacity: 78,838

Location: Brazil

10. Soccer City, South Africa

The Soccer City Stadium was inaugurated in South Africa in 1989 and few years back it got a completely new makeover.

Capacity: 94,807

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

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