“Best Bed At The Bridge” Stamford Bridge chelsea seat price and how to book suite tickets

“Best Bed At The Bridge” Stamford Bridge chelsea seat price and how to book suite tickets

A look at Best Bed At The Bridge and when and how to bid to watch the next Chelsea match along with the tickets price of the Stamford Bridge suite seat

Georgia Toffolo was seen enjoying a football game from her bed, leaving Chelsea fans speechless.

“Best Bed At The Bridge” Stamford Bridge chelsea seat price and how to book tickets details

Georgia posted a video of herself cheering on Chelsea Women against Manchester United Women as the Woman’s Super League match got underway on Instagram.

Fans may now watch a game at the Blues’ home field from a Hilton hotel room at Stamford Bridge thanks to a new innovation. During the game, fans are granted access to the “Hilton Best Bed experience” for a duration of fifteen minutes.


What is Best Bed At The Bridge?

It is a bed from a hotel constructed as a football stadium. As part of Hilton’s Curio Collection, you receive one night at 100 Queen’s Gate.

What will you get?

You and your companion can walk to Stamford Bridge, but if you have 30 minutes to spare, a Mercedes will be available to bring you there. You will have fifteen minutes to view the game from the bed, which is situated right above the box. You will be provided a four course meal there.

Additional benefits of the package for two include first-class seats in the East Stand, a one-night stay at 100 Queens Gate, which is a member of Hilton’s Curio Collection, on March 16, a meet-and-greet with a first-team player following the game, and a free bar.


This package is limited to bidders who wish to include the hotel stay. This is not absolutely necessary if you live in London, and it will raise the price of the winning bid.

How to bid?

On the Hilton Honours website, bidding for the upcoming game closes on February 15 at 110,000 Hilton Honours points. You too can participate in the forthcoming Chelsea FC Women’s match vs Arsenal on March 17. Here’s where you can place an attendance bid.


There won’t be many opportunities to purchase this event because Chelsea FC Women’s league games are only played four times a year at Stamford Bridge. Arsenal on March 17th is your final opportunity in the current campaign.


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